1. Jason says

    Why would a supposed lesbian want to be part of a sexist, heteronormative beauty pageant? I don’t think she is breaking down barriers at all, Andy.

  2. Jerry says

    Oh, and for the record, these “sexist, heteronormative beauty pageants” keep gay men employed BY THE HUNDREDS. Coaching, arranging, styling, designing, sewing, dressing, choreographing. When a pageant girl gets one of those oddly-shaped tiaras clipped to her head, there are at least a dozen gay men propping her up from behind.

    Quislings? I don’t think so. Talented artisans working at their crafts.

  3. Larry McD says

    Jason – If she’s competing in the Miss America pageant, there are serious scholarships involved. That’s not just propaganda they spread around.

    But on the issue of “the changing face of the South…” if it’s indeed changing, it’s just getting uglier and uglier.

  4. Jonna the Woodswoman says

    “changing the face of the south”. For anyone who’s lived there that’s a laughable statement. The town I grew up in hasn’t changed almost at all. Mean, redneck, southern baptists who waste no time telling you they hate you.

  5. RealTimShady says

    She’s probably the first out contestant in Miss South Carolina, but Kara Mitchell, an out lesbian, competed last year in Miss Indiana (she was an undergrad at Ball State) and this year in Miss Ohio (grad school at Ohio State). She made Top 10 at Miss Ohio. And, of course, there have been closeted lesbians in the Miss America system for years and years.

  6. Chance says

    People don’t care because she’s a black lesbian competing in a beauty pageant. If this was about some cute blond haired gay guy out of college being recruited into the NFL, it would be like Xmas Eve in the comment section of this and every other gay blog, with multiple articles posted about it.

  7. Dastius Krazitauc says

    As a South Carolinian, I agree, Jude. It’s a very anti-gay culture and this is brave of her. SC is the state where Senate hopeful and eventual winner Jim DeMint felt quite comfortable saying gay teachers should be purged from public schools, and he won. And it’s the state where even a Democrat running for Senate said that Rudy Giuliani’s living with his gay friends wasn’t “South Carolina values”.

  8. says

    There was a lesbian in the Miss Long Beach pageant in California in 2010 or 2011. See the above youtube link. Jenelle Hutcherson. It is possible she was in the Miss USA system, not Miss America … not positive about that. Jenelle Hutcherson. I tried to post link but it is on you tube.

  9. Zeta says

    If she identifies as black, I’ll eat my hat. The phrase ‘bilingual’ implies ‘hispanic’. and yes, she’s being called butterface because she looks like a normal chubby faced native american black mix instead of the usual type of pageant winner.

    Then again, pageants have been big on tokenism these past couple years. As long as it’s not anyone who’s slept with a producer or someone who’s locally rich family paid bribes, I’m good with it.

  10. TK says

    I support the young lady’s bravery for coming out. I hope and pray that people will see her as part of the human Race. We have got a long way to go has truly living as all GOD’s children.

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