1. MaryM says

    Is Towleroad getting paid to advertise Gucci – if so then you should label this as an advert.

    If it is not an advert what on earth is this non-story doing here?

  2. johnny says

    I dunno, MaryM, because James is pretty? You seem to be the only one who minds so far.

    Need to dig out my old aviator sunglasses. If this look is back in, I’ve saved some money!

  3. Jerry says

    I just bought Versace’s vintage aviators. Dig James as an awesome ally, but Im starting to wonder if he isn’t a little more than an ally. Anyone else see This is the End?

  4. dixichuk says

    Gucci seems to be one of the last brands not to have sold out totally to the eyeglass monopoly, Luxottica. But the originals of these, “The MacArthur” designed and sold by Shuron, an American company are still available.

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