1. Mikey says

    The poster Zeta on this site is a bigot….please pass it on….enough with pandering to religious trolls who pretend to be our friend on this site.

    In a recent thread, Zeta stated “gays coming out are drama queens who want to shove their sexuality down people’s throats”

    In a thread last week, Zeta said:

    “which is it? Is marriage about love or about contracts?

    If it’s about love, then no one should tell someone they can’t marry the grove they’ve bonded with, they take of, they own, or which they are going to pledge to own and take care of.

    If it’s about contracts, then ditto.

    I don’t see the problem. Should homosexuals?” while going on and on about how gay marriage can lead to animals and humans marrying.


  2. Francis #1 says

    Macklemore is really changing the game in the hip-hop industry. He’s proven you don’t have to be homophobic, don’t have to constantly curse, talk about sex/drugs/money ONLY and make a career. And people across the globe have been incredibly receptive to his songs and the messages within them, Same Love being one of his most popular. He’s a hip-hip artist that’s crossed boundaries and is popular with so many groups, diverse fanbase. Awesome guy, awesome music, Macklemore is great.

  3. CocoaMonk says

    I love this guy. I liked Can’t hold us, and when I heard this song, I had no idea what it was or who it was but the message stuck with me. Now that I know who did it,I only love the artist more.

    On that note however, you can see the trolls come out of the woodworks on his youtube official song video.

  4. Reality Chek says

    How come this guy is never seen collaborating with real rappers? Does the hip hop commuity even know this guy is alive? He seems okay but his style is a little dated. Very late 90’s

  5. Red says

    IMO, Macklemore is a rapper for people who usually don’t listen rap music. “He’s such a breath of fresh air unlike all those bad gangster rappers” is the thing you often hear from his fans. With today’s hip-hop scene infested with anthems about “da bitches and hoes”, “Same Love” is an eye opening anthem to many people.

  6. jjose712 says

    Reality Chek: He is an independent artist, he is not in a major.
    His success was almost unexpected, and he is more an alternative rapper. His songs rarely air on Urban radio, and he chart on alternative charts.
    But he is very very big on Rythmic, wich is the most rap leaning chart.

    Maybe a lot of rappers didn’t know who he was last year, but know they know it for sure.
    This is not the beginning of the 00’s when rap dominated the billboard charts. Right now only big names like Jay Z are able to score top 10 hits on billboard, and Maclemore had two number one hits (he is the first independent artist to score a number one since Lisa Loeb with Stay in the mid nineties), and he has three hits in the top 25 right now

  7. darkorient says

    His songs are famous all over the world, even in my part of the world (Southeast Asia). So I wouldn’t say that nobody acknowledges him. Love our straight allies!

  8. Robert says

    My god, something people finally agree on here. And it’s a rapper. Hilarious.

    Yeah, I love this guy to pieces. Balls for days, and INCREDIBLY talented. Love that he re-released this single after his previous two singles became monster hits.

  9. DB says

    Macklemore is brilliant. The lyrics, music, and message are incredible. I just bought the CD of this album (‘The Heist’) and every single song is good. What other recent musician, in hip hop or any genre, has achieved what he has?

  10. randy says

    I live in middle of nowhere in central florida, just orange groves far as you can see. I got hell of an shock twice this week coming home from work and heard same love playing on the radio.His music is really helping in opening peoples minds. Give him thanks wether you like or dislike his style of music.

  11. craig says

    I just gotta say that I have been enjoying the song on the radio and had a clear picture of this progressive young man but man was I shocked to see this white guy. Am I a racist?

  12. MikahMikah says

    Hip hop is not a favorite genre of mine,but this guy is talented,and has a voice worth listening to.I enjoy his music,i appreciate his advocacy for our community and i am so happy for him and his success.

  13. Caliban says

    Yes, Kenny, I have such fond memories of all those Barry Manilow songs about addiction, relapse, anti-consumerism, gay rights, etc! (Has Barry ever even admitted that HE’S gay?!)

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