Meet Anderson Cooper’s Alleged Stalker: A Gay, Jewish, White Supremacist

Prior to 2008, Alex Hausner was a psychiatric patient and self-described gay, Jewish white-supremacist from Queens, New York. However, that year was the first in a five-year ordeal, during which Hausner repeatedly tried to harass out news anchor and "silver fox" Anderson Cooper, even going so far as to attempt breaking into Cooper's apartment. Security footage depicts Hausner as repeatedly trying to kick down Cooper's door while yelling “I swear to f–king God, don’t insult me!" and “I’m going to f–k you up!” Upon being told to leave, Hausner reportedly tried to tell police that he had a right to be there, and that Cooper and his boyfriend were actually the ones stalking him.

Before his arraignment in a Manhattan Criminal Court last night, Hausner said "I can prove from my sources that his boyfriend has sent people after me," according to the New York Post. Meanwhile, Assistant DA Rachel Rachel Ehrhardt had a different story to tell, saying, “he was told on numerous occasions not to call.” Prosecutors continued the story, relaying to the court that, on June 22, Hausner “showed up at Anderson Cooper’s house, and he was told that he did not have permission to be at that location." 

This is not Hausner's first run-in with the courts. According to Ehrhardt, he has faced multiple felony and misdemeanor charges before. ONe ex-neighbor told the New York Post: "He was a radical — he believed in his [Jewish] religion, and he believed in the one race, the white race." He is being held in lieu of $75,000 bail, and is now facing charges of felony first-degree menacing and misdemeanor harassment and stalking.


  1. Distingue Traces says

    Oh my god, I basically know this guy.

    Mine wasn’t an actual white supremacist, but he was this outspokenly anti-Semitic Jewish guy, also with an ultra-right-wing belief in self-reliance a la Ayn Rand, which was doubly ironic because he was a charity case himself – I used to deliver meals on wheels to him twice a week in the early nineties, and he would be eating his free spaghetti while going on about collectivism and welfare spongers.

    He even kind of looked like the guy in the photo.

  2. northalabama says

    anybody else see alex hausner having a distant resemblance to alexander skarsgård, in a dirty, scruffy, facial hairy kinda’ way? they’re both named alex, i’m just sayin’…

  3. gregorybrown says

    The idea of white supremacy and the Jewish religion runs deeply among some large but semi-covert American religious groups. Anglo-Israelism is a thread in Joe Smith’s Mormon story.

  4. andrew says

    How shocking that a Gay Jewish White Supremacist was a former psychiatric patient. Some of the posters on this site throw around the charge of self loathing homosexual too much, but it sure applies here!!!

  5. MiddleoftheRoader says

    White supremacy and the Jewish religion are inconsistent dogmas — virtually every single white supremacist hates Jews (and blacks and other minorities) and virtually every single Jewish person does not believe in white supremacy (in fact, many Jews around the world are Latino, Black, Asian, etc). That’s not to say that their aren’t individuals or even minor bizarre sects who combine the two dogmas. Just like there were some bizarre Jews who supported Nazism, or some Blacks who oppose almost every law and policy that protect Black civil rights (like Clarence Thomas), there can be weirdos like this guy who are white supremacist Jews. But probably 99.9% of Jews would disavow him.

    This is not a pro-Jewish or anti-white supremacist post; it’s a simple statement of fact that most reasonable people would find as accurate.

  6. truthteller says

    I think this guy has mental health issues, real ones, and he needs serious treatment. Hopefully the legal system can provide that for him.

    Having said that, he is dangerous and Anderson needs to be protected.

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