1. Jay says

    This woman needs a better lawyer. The federal courts have consistently held that governments (whether state or federal) cannot discriminate on the basis of sex (and they consider discrimination against transgender people as sex discrimination. So does the EEOC. She should consult Lambda Legal, which recently won a case against the Georgia state legislature who fired an employee after transitioning.

  2. dean says

    This is California for xenu’s sake. Find the trllop that fired her and fire them!

    Obviously the Nombies And Kkkatholic/Mormon rolling trainwreck are prepared to seamlessly shift their hatred to the rellly, really, Really, last (me)women onnthe totem pole.

    It is our job to top them. When they have no one else to hate, they will really eat each other and then we will be done with them.

    Unless, of course, they should decide to actually join the human race and stop pretending that whole ‘groups’ are evil.

  3. LetSodomRing says

    Oy, Jay, maybe you should actually read the article and watch the video before you comment. Mia Macy was the case that got the EEOC to declare that gender identity and expression are protected under laws and regulations against sex discrimination.

  4. GregV says

    I know it may seem like I’m picking at semantics, but EZDA would not protect only the categories of people mentioned “Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgendered”). It protects straight, heterosexual, homosexual, questioning, asexual, intersexed…. EVERYBODY.
    For news articles to state certain categories of people this protects is the same as saying that the parallel laws against race and religious discrimination protect “blacks and Cherokees and Navajos” and protect “Jews and Mormons,” respectively.
    White people, Christians, straight people, etc. are all equally covered by these protections even though it is far more rare in the present social climate that they will suffer discrimination without them.

  5. Rick says

    Why are we discussing Transsexual issues on this site? Why do Liberals think that Transsexuals are a part of the LGBT community. Transsexual people are mentally unbalanced and contribute nothing to the gay community. Trans activists have often attacked proud gay men and actively fought against rights for the gay community. Do not give them a podium on this site. This is simply a man in a dress, regardless of what he wants us to think. Help this man by encouraging him to see therapy, not allowing him to carry on with this lie.

  6. Kevin says

    @Rick If you don’t want to read about gender issues, then skip over these stories. Or better yet, do the rest of us a favor and take your disgusting brand of bigotry somewhere else.

  7. Petra says


    I was really sorry and disappointed to see that you think trans people need reparative therapy.

    I hope you can see us as human beings someday, human beings with a neurological basis for who we are, just like LGB.

    In the mean time, I wish you love & light.


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