News: Robin Thicke, Julian Castro, ENDA, Cracker Barrel

RoadSignorile: Rebrand ENDA "The Freedom to Work Act".

RoadNBC: Opponents of gay marriage gear up for national battle.

MadonnaRoadMadonna masks up for Harper's Bazaar.

RoadRobin Thicke's thickness.

RoadBarbara Boxer seeks full extension of social security benefits: "All federal agencies should endeavor to provide swift and equal access to programs and benefits for all same-sex couples, regardless of their state of residence, using existing administrative authorities."

RoadA Clinton/Castro ticket in 2016?

RoadEdward Snowden requests asylum in 21 countries.

RoadSame-sex couples flood immigration offices for visas: "The process includes filling out forms, getting a medical exam for the spouse applying for the green card, and showing that the foreign spouse won't be a financial burden to the U.S., Jobson said. The foreign spouse also has to prove that he or she entered the country legally. Then, in about three months, the couple is called in for an interview, in which they have to show that they have a "bona fide" marriage, in that they share finances, or insurance, or children. If approved, the foreign spouse will soon receive a green card in the mail. After three years, the green card holder can apply for U.S. citizenship, as long as the couple is still married and living together."

RoadHarry Styles mobbed.

RoadRich Juzwiak: portraits of four bisexuals.

RoadPaula Deen cites Prop 8 ruling to defend herself against racism lawsuit.

CactusRoadDOMA ruling gives native Arizonan William Kapfer hope: "...within minutes of SCOTUS’ magnificent overturn of DOMA, I flipped my Facebook status to 'Engaged' after a romantic, mid-air, IM marriage proposal from my beloved. While a flood of congratulations messages rushed in, I actually let myself entertain the real possibility that he and I could one day retire in our cherished Tucson as a couple of old married farts."

RoadCracker Barrel being sued by gay employee: "Bostick's lawsuit says he experienced harassment and discrimination because of his sexual orientation, including one instance when an associate manager told other staff that a customer might be 'afraid he'll catch AIDS' from Bostick. Bostick says he told superiors about the harassment and they didn't take action."

RoadjObs gets a rainbow poster.

RoadBloomberg: IRS must decide whether to recognize the same-sex marriages of taxpayers whose home states don’t consider the unions legal. "The IRS will make those determinations under a congressional and political microscope because of the extra attention it gave to small-government groups’ applications for tax-exempt status. The IRS has also been stretched thinner because of its expanding responsibilities under the 2010 health-care law and federal budget cuts. Agency employees will be on unpaid furlough July 5 as the result of the budget cuts."

RoadLiam Hemsworth to play Edward Snowden?

RoadThe last lesson we learn from our pets.

VincentRoadSingapore politican Vincent Wijeysingha comes out: "On his Facebook page last week, he became the first Singaporean politician to come out of the closet, and he is advocating for the law to be scrapped. He told The Associated Press on Monday that although the government resists decriminalizing homosexuality,'society will eventually overtake it on this question.'"

RoadHere's where Alcide lives.

RoadHealth minister sanctions forced HIV tests in Greece. "In a statement LGBT campaign group HOMOphonia-Thessaloniki Pride said: 'Public health is not protected by the castigation of people who are HIV positive, but through the implementation of integrated programmes against HIV/AIDS, through the introduction of sex education in schools, and regular public campaigns.'"

Road Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee asks FEC to recognize rights of married same-sex couples on campaign donations: "In its advisory opinion request, the DSCC said the high court’s ruling gives married same-sex couples new rights under federal election law, including the ability to make a single campaign contribution from a joint bank account if only one spouse has earned the income. Under FEC rules, a federal campaign committee that receives a single check from a married couple credits half to one spouse and half to the other. That allows each spouse to donate the maximum allowed under law, even if only one earns income."

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  1. Clinton/Castro 2016? Hell to the yes!

    Posted by: ChristopherM | Jul 3, 2013 4:45:36 PM

  2. If it's Hil and Julian, they'd best just pack up and go home. It'll be done and over before it even gets started.

    Posted by: Chris | Jul 3, 2013 4:51:41 PM

  3. Thank you for posting "The Last Lesson We Learn from our Pets." I was faced with this "lesson" last September and it was the hardest and worst thing I've had to do. I still am haunted by that evening we put my beloved beagle down, a dog I loved more than any other living being on the planet.

    Posted by: Scott | Jul 3, 2013 5:42:39 PM

  4. I haven't an ounce of sympathy to spare for Mr Bostick in his suit against Cracker Barrel. Not one.

    No gay person could possibly be so stupid as to work at such a vile, bigoted place and not expect bigotry to occur against him or her. Clearly he chose to work there specifically to sue the company. While they deserve the consternation, there's is no chance in he|| that he'll win.

    Posted by: Marc C | Jul 3, 2013 6:08:50 PM

  5. I like Julian Castro a lot, and perhaps he will be a presidential candidate or a president in the future

    But for the time being,Solely in terms of governmental experience, Julian Castro = Sarah Palin.

    Posted by: Chitown Kev | Jul 3, 2013 6:49:56 PM

  6. @ Scott - I've been there. It hurts, but stopping my pet's suffering was the last loving thing I could do for a beloved pet.

    Posted by: Mike in the tundra | Jul 3, 2013 10:06:41 PM

  7. "Madonna masks up for Harper's Bazaar." It must be proven it isn't due to how old and funny looking from so much plastic surgery she is

    & YES on CLINTON/ CASTRO 2016

    Posted by: Moz's | Jul 3, 2013 10:58:31 PM

  8. Marriage equality opponents referring to us as 'the wolf at the door'.
    Millennial LGBT ain't havin none of your sh*t.

    Vincent Wijeysingha, I applaud your courage.
    The millennials will prove you correct.

    Posted by: JONES | Jul 3, 2013 11:37:03 PM

  9. Madonna is an old hag and deserves to die. Lady Gaga is our Queen.

    Posted by: jadecentipede | Jul 4, 2013 2:15:47 PM

  10. Why is everyone down on Robin Thicke on the link? He's hot, he's a straight ally, he's just preaching love/good sex!

    Posted by: Jim | Jul 4, 2013 4:03:58 PM

  11. AH! Good old Cracker Barrel! In the early 1980's I was working about a half mile from a Cracker Barrel restaurant where I usually ate lunch at least three times a week, and frequently had business guests with me. On one such day, I was entertaining a guest who was an executive of a major menswear manufacturer/store owner. The next day, I was in the restaurant alone, and the Manager come over to chat. Finally, he said that he would appreciate my not bringing in the guest I had the day before, as the Restaurant does not cater to "Queers". I thanked him for letting me know, and never returned. I wonder if he ever noticed my absence, or wondered why I never returned. I went elsewhere for meals (with guests) for the next 12 years; when I retired.

    Posted by: Jerry6 | Jul 5, 2013 10:24:18 PM

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