NEWS: Weiner Mistress, Zimmerman Juror, Kidnapping Sentence, Gaga, Backtreet, More Boycotts, Mind Control

Road Leathers InterviewUS Citizenship and Immigration Services posted an FAQ page for those looking for answers on same-sex marriage, and how the recent ruling on DOMA affects petitions and benefits for same-sex spouses. 

RoadSydney Leathers, one of the women with whom Anthony Weiner engaged in expicit exchanges online, tells Inside Edition that she feels "manipulated"

RoadWhen asked about his newborn nephew, Prince Harry promises to "make sure he has fun". Given some of his prior escapades, we're not sure whether to be supportive or worried.

RoadAriel Castro, abductor of the three women in Cleveland who escaped earlier this year, plead guilty to charges of rape and kidnapping, among others. As part of a plea deal, Castro has agreed to serve life in prison without parole, and all of his assets will be forefited. Said Castro: "I knew I was pretty much going to get the book thrown at me."

RoadZimmerman juror B29 gives an interview to ABC News, and agrees that he "got away with murder"

Road The cast and crew of Glee gather to hold a memorial service for Cory Monteith. Those in attendance include Ryan Murphy, Lea Michele, Harry Shum, Dianna Agron, and Jacob Artist. Glee will also be airing a tribute episode to Monteith this season. 

Road Lars Von Trier released some VERY work-unfriendly teaser materials for his upcoming film Nymphomaniac. Let's just say that Shia LaBeouf is doing everything to leave his family-friendly, post-Disney reputation behind. 

Road Lady Gaga will reportedly be releasing her first single from ARTPOP at the MTV VMAs.

Road Adult entertainment entrepreneur and gay news columnist Michael Lucas comes out as HIV-negative and as a user of theantiretroviral drug Truvada in Out magazine. He also asks why the drug and other forms of PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis) aren't playing a larger role in the fight against HIV and AIDS. 

Dump StoliThe Backstreet Boys debut their new song "Make Believe".

Road New Jersey United for Marriage held a launch rally for its campaign to bring marriage equality to the Garden State. They were joined by "Lambda Legal, the Human Rights Campaign, Freedom to Marry, Gill Action Fund, American Unity Fund, the American Civil Liberties Union of New Jersey, and Garden State Equality." 

Road Garrett Hedlund reportedly passes on the chance to play Christian Grey in the upcoming film adaptation for Fifty Shades of Grey, since he did not want to be locked into a trilogy. He's not the first young leading man to turn down the role, either. 

Road A man reportedly broke into Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's car and tried to steal their iPads. Police were called and were able to retreive the stolen items. 

Road Gay bars in San Francisco are currently participating in a boycott on Russian vodka to protest the country's recent human rights atrocities. The most recent of these bars are Hi Tops and Moby Dick Bar

Road The Lincoln Memorial has been vandalized with green paint

Road Ousted Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi is being held thanks to allegations that plotted attacks with the help of Hamas

Road Scientists at MIT have reportedly found out how to create artificially implanted memories, and have already successfully tried it out on mice. 


  1. says

    Michael Lucas is still the worst gay guy in history. What a pile of a person.

    “Hey guys! So I finally found a way to make sex even more cumbersome and horrible, just pay 10,000 a year on a pill that will keep you HIV-free! Sure you could just be a responsible person at all times (Even while drunk? lol) but this way you can lord your wealth over others and still not help get rid of HIV!”

    I really wish people would ignore this hack. Also, people who hate Dan Savage, Michael Lucas is the person you think Dan is.

    While the pill is awesome, its a stupid idea to just have everyone live with an aggressive, side-effect causing drug that is very expensive. Condoms are still great and very effective when used right, but are still not 100%, so you simply MUST add sober discussion to your sex play. As gay culture stops being exciting and illicit, and becomes more homogenized and normal so too will we be able to effing finally hammer this crap into peoples brains.

    In HS I was taught everything I needed to know about HIV and STD’s by a combo of the STD presentation in health class and our after school gay groups awesome volunteer coordinator. I already knew that sex would lead to STD’s if not careful, what he imparted on to us is real knowledge of the situations we were facing. That sex is likely to be your main driving force for the next 30-50 years. I remember a part where he point blank asked us if we would like to have sex right now, he even flexed his arms (He was a 6 foot, ripped black guy saying that to a bunch of Seattle lilly-white gay teens) we all get flustered and red immediately, then he followed up with “now lets say I don’t want to use a condom, I wont say that out loud, but I will just distract you from bringing it up by having sex with you, how many of you would be able to force the issue with me?”

    We all got it, sex is a compromising situation where people give in to desire and not reason, what you gotta do is drill that interaction into your head. You simply can’t have sex without responsible dialogue, which of course is not foolproof, but you stand a way better chance at continued sexual health if you can have conversations with your sex partners and maintain reason while you plow away!

  2. Dastius Krazitauc says

    What am I missing about the “Nymphomaniac” materials that are supposedly *VERY* work-unfriendly? A photo of a young woman’s bare side? Rather tame talk in the clips? I don’t get the hype.

  3. Dback says

    Anyone who vandalizes the Lincoln memorial deserves full charges being brought against them. (The right-wing knuckleheads under the article are all excited because they’re part of the revisionist history that now sees Lincoln as a “tyrant” who “ruined states’ rights”, yadda yadda yaddda.)

  4. Pete N SFO says

    Re: Sydney Leathers & the Weiner… Seriously girl, you feel manipulated by someone you were sexting with? ugh, already.

    And, can we all agree that sexting will now be on the increase if knuckleheads actually believe the chic they’re talking to looks like this gal?

    But otherwise, please make the whole Weiner thing just go away… pleazzze.

  5. Truthseeker says

    The vast majority of new HIV infections come from unprotected anal sex. Both tops and bottoms are at risk for infection, even if there isn’t any ejaculation. Bottom line–use a condom every time you engage in anal sex. If you don’t like the “feel” try the new Manhole Covers for bottoms–they work great. HIV is found in seman, pre-cum and blood.

  6. Hagatha says

    Juror b29 did not “agree that he got away with murder” , those were her words but were after the fact and in conflict with her actions and the explanations for her actions.

    In this country one is presumed innocent unless the state can prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. In a self defense defense, you assert that your actions were justifiable. In finding George Zimmerman not guilty, the jury affirms both that there is reasonable doubt as to his guilt under the law (which is what the juror actually says) and that his actions were in self defense.

    She’s contradicting herself. She’s saying, “Yeah, well technically he’s guilty but under the law we had to acquit.” which is the same thing as saying that he is innocent, although B29 either doesn’t realize that or would never admit to it.

    Like a lot of people, B29 is conflicted by the fact that she knows that George Zimmerman pulled the trigger, knows it for as close to a fact as one can know such a thing. She also knows that she saw Trayvon Martin’s parents in the audience, which shouldn’t have been allowed. Even though Sybrina Fulton is a dirtbag for exploiting her son’s death, she’s still a grieving mother in the eyes of many.

    The stunning thing about all of this is the number of people who are convinced that our prisons are full of innocent men, particularly black men convicted of rape and murder, some of whom confessed and all of whom have remained guilty after multiple trials and reviews. And yet, these same people know “in my heart” what George Zimmerman was thinking and what he did, even though the evidence which was available and presented in court clearly supported self defense.

    And we have the idiots who are panties in a knot over Stand Your Ground law when it wasn’t even the basis for the defense. No, dear friends, what we have here is a crisis of Victimhood. The black community has been told that it is the victim when in reality it is most often the perpetrator. And we can’t have an honest discussion about race until the black community decides to be honest with itself and everyone else.

  7. Rick says

    Damn, The Weener sure likes his bee-yotches horse-faced, don’t he?

    He is one twisted fark.