Outserve-SLDN Chapter Coalition Calls for Resignation of Board Co-Chair Over Trans Leader’s Ouster

A coalition of chapter leaders from military LGBT rights group Outserve'SLDN is calling for the resignation of Board co-chair Josh Seefried following last week's events in which a secretive decision was made to dismiss Executive Director Allyson Robinson.

SeefriedThe Coalition made a statement over the weekend on Facebook:

This week, OutServe-SLDN’s mission of full equality in the military was set back by the abrupt attempt to dismiss Executive Director Allyson Robinson. The cause was attributed to the current financial state of the organization, but that crisis was never disclosed to the general membership, nor was a call to action asking for help. Two statements were released three days after initial leaks reported these events.

This entire episode has damaged OS-SLDN’s reputation as a leader in the LGBT community and as an advocate for the transgender military community. Donors and sponsors have indicated that Allyson’s loss makes them think twice about contributing to our organization. The loss of key board members and staff who resigned in protest due to the Board’s method of approaching Allyson has damaged OS-SLDN’s operational capability.

In sum, this episode was the result of a reckless attempt to save money without considering the consequences and it has had a clear detrimental impact on the organization, including our future ability to advocate effectively for the LGB and transgender military communities.

It is our view, after reviewing the situation and options available, that the best way forward is to address the problems within the leadership. We will be asking for the resignation of Josh Seefried, Co-Chair of the OS-SLDN Board of Directors and coordinator of the process that led to requesting Allyson’s resignation.

If OS-SLDN is to survive, we need change immediately. We need transparency and honesty. We need clear communication that comes from the top of the organization and directly addresses the membership.

We need to react and repair the damage that has been done by the Board of Directors.

OS-SLDN is a membership-based organization. Without the members, it cannot exist. We are committed to improving this by ensuring that membership has an ever-present voice and the opportunity to participate in the governance of OS-SLDN.

Most importantly, we are unequivocally dedicated to bringing about full LGBT equality to America's military, veterans, and our families, to include ending all forms of discrimination and harassment of military personnel on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity.


  1. says

    If he really was trying to hush up her firing and it wasn’t for a tractionable reason then he should be let go to find a better person.

  2. Mike Ryan says

    I agree with the call for current Board co-chair be dismissed. The secret decision was made to dismiss Executive Director Allyson Robinson was low, unethical and right out of the gutter. He either resigns or he is tossed out.

  3. Serene says

    This “coalition” probably consists of 4 people. For the most part, the people whining about this are trans activists, who never donated a dime or a minute of volunteer time to the group.

    The leadership should have confidence in its own decisions. It acted as it did for a reason. They should stand firm. Let these people whine if they want, but the leadership should get back to business.

  4. Serene says


    Don’t know because I am not. I am stating a truth. Trans activists did not contribute a dime to that group. In fact, they contribute virtually nothing in the way of money or time to any so-called LGBT organization. When it comes to LGBT, all the resources and sacrifice flow only in one direction – from LGB to T, never the other way.

    If the ED of SLDN had been a “cis” (i.e., normal) person and had been ousted under exactly the same circumstances, these trans activists wouldn’t care at all about this story. SLDN should focus on what is best for its members and supporters in the armed forces and less on what selfish trans activists demand.

  5. MateoM says

    Serene, you claim not to be transphobic, but you identify being cisgenered as “normal,” inherently placating trans individuals as abnormal, (from what I can tell from your response) weird and “selfish.” That’s inherently transphobic at its basest level. No ifs, ands, or butts.

    Perhaps trans individuals do not contribute to groups that are so vocally against them. If the members of every LGBT group are as welcoming to trans people as you are, it’s no surprise if trans people wouldn’t want to donate money to them. But I’m friends with many Trans individuals who not only contribute money but also their time and energy to several different LGBT organizations. Your blanket, unsubstantiated statement of the reverse is just further evidence that you’re transphobic.

    Believe whatever you want, but your writing makes it clear that you are a transphobe and should be regarded as such.

  6. Serene says

    I didn’t say trans individuals are selfish. I said trans activists are. Not the same thing. I used “normal” because trans activists have imposed a label of “cis” to describe non-trans people and they did so without our consent. If they impose an offensive label on me, then I am going to choose a different label that is offensive to them.

    I don’t run LGBT groups, so my beliefs have nothing to do with the reason why trans activists don’t contribute to these groups. LGBT groups like GLAAD and the Task Force bend over backwards to prioritize all the bizarre issues of trans activists, including taxpayer funded hormone treatments for trans murderers in prison, but they get absolutely nothing in return. In fact, trans activists set up their own groups and then get LGBs to pay for them as well.

    Why don’t you go to your trans activist friends and ask them why they are so selfish that they won’t contribute either their labor or their money to the so-called LGBT movement? I thought we were “all in this together” but it seems that some of us are in it for ourselves.

  7. says

    Allyson is a hero and a vanguard. I’ve had the honour to march alongside her and proudly call her Sister.

    Allyson, we stand with you.