Pennsyvania Man Believes Family is Being Targeted in Hate Attacks Because His Daughter is Gay


The FBI has offered assistance to a Sarver, Pennsylvania family after they found a swastika burned into their lawn. John Namey, the family's father, says they are being targeted because his daughter is gay, WPXI reports:

Namey said this incident is not the first personal attack against his family. Namey showed Channel 11’s Vince Sims pictures taken a few days ago of his stepson’s truck, which was covered in pink paint and had a derogatory image super glued in coins on the hood in addition to two flat tires.

Namey said he thinks he knows why his family is being targeted.

"We have a 16-year-old daughter who is openly gay, and she has been targeted in school because of that," said Namey.

“Ignorant and uneducated” is how Namey described the people that are lashing out at his daughter.

"Grow up. Let people be who they are. Don't judge people based on race or sexual orientation. Everybody is different. Just let people live their lives and be happy," said Namey

A video report from WPXI can be viewed here.


  1. jR says

    Butler County (PA) is also represented by Daryl Metcalfe who prevented Brian Sims from speaking about DOMA on the House floor — he objected to the remarks on the grounds that Sims was speaking out “against God’s law.”

  2. David says

    yep, that’s Pennsylvania for you. narrow minded, Quaker founded Commonwealth! The people here are more accepting to makers of “meth’ than anyone who is gay!

  3. robroy says

    As multiple people have explained Pennsylvania can be divided into three parts. Philly in the southeast. Pittsburgh in the southwest. And the remaining T can best be described as Alabama.

  4. DannyEastVillage says

    so true Robroy. I used to hitch-hike through PA a lot. Rural is about as redneck as it gets – particularly in the Western part of the state nearer Ohio.

  5. marco says

    For anyone commenting about rural PA…..

    A gay man was shot and killed in Manhattan…another one was bashed in Brooklyn last month and another one in Atlanta earlier this year…and just a couple of days ago there was that youtube video of the MTA train harassment that happened during Pride.

    Idiots are everywhere, and an offensive symbol chemically burned into a lawn is pretty miniscule compared to the sh*t that’s been going down in “tolerant America”…try not to let ignorant smugness cloud your reactions.

  6. Chris says

    @marco Compare the population of New York City & Atlanta (in spite of Atlantas large gay community I can’t see how it’s gay friendly/safe) and then compare it to the populations of these stupid hick towns.

  7. Zack says

    As others have mentioned,this happened in the county Daryl Metcalfe represents so it sadly isn’t a surprise.
    Let’s be blunt,PA is going to be one of the states that is only going to allow gay marriage through the courts.

  8. says

    @ rev :

    Exactly my thoughts.
    Often the uneducated trash who paint or spray swastikas don’t know the pre-Nazi history of the symbol or even which way the arms of the swastika face. They really don’t give a damn about anything except the entertainment of their own ignorant hate.

  9. Steve says

    Yeah, don’t blame this on the Quakers – who are a tiny minority these days. They have a small fundamentalist branch, but as far as Christians go they are about as nice and accommodating as you can get. Quakers were severely persecuted and killed by the Puritans. PA was also a refuge for other religious minorities. Shame it has been overtaken by fundies.

  10. Michael says

    Rev, using your logic, it’s not really an anti-gay slur if someone spray paints “fagit” on your car because it is misspelled. Ever heard of the word intent???

  11. johnny says

    Just read a majority of the Facebook comments on this story. Depressing to read how so many want to downplay this situation, very much like Nazi sympathizers were in the 30s when they were rounding up the Jewish population.

    Hate seems to know no bounds even in 2013.

  12. Zeta says

    I’ve had a swastika put down in my front yard. It’s not something you want to open your door to. Took pictures, called the cops, the operator didn’t want to take down a report (hopefully it’s still logged that my number called them). Had others shrug and say it wasn’t a big deal and not to make a big deal because it gives them power. I was indignant for a while. It was impotent. Now, I just feel ‘why would someone do that’?

    The best way to combat a crime like this is to fight evil with love. You’re not going to catch the assholes, so put it better karma back into the community.

  13. Jerry says

    A month or so ago, I was taking the dog for his walk. My stalking neighbor followed me on his property to an opening between our properties. I could hear his ATV idling, he was waiting for me. As I passed and looked over he was staring at me and had his right arm out, frozen in a salute of sorts. To me it looks like some sort of White Power gesture. This is in Pennsylvania. No, I didn’t call the Police which other’s have suggested , I have video. This is the same neighbor who we believe is responsible for the bullet hole in our security light shade. It is amazing that this event in the report has gotten police attention. There are many who appear to sympathize with our adversaries and I believe often they wear badges.

    Hate doesn’t take a holiday!

  14. says

    @ Zeta :

    ” fight evil with love”…..are you f***ing serious ?

    The best way to fight back is to fight back.
    Burn down their garage/barn/store/shed.
    Give Karma a helping hand.

    “Honi soit qui mal y pense” – evil to him who thinks evil.

  15. Zeta says

    @ JackFknTwist, that doesn’t work in the real world in a real situation. I never saw who did it (just like I didn’t see who did it the first time something similar happened to me — at least that time the male operator asked questions and gave me an incident report number; why the female didn’t and seemed to want to get me off the phone as quickly as possible, I don’t know. Wouldn’t have expected that).

    What would I have been able to do if I did see who did it? I would have tried to get them to stop, yes. If I knew who they were, I would have given their names, yes. But I would not have tried to hunt them down with rifles or stones or fists afterwards. That’s premeditation, and you can get in trouble for that.

    No, what I meant by ‘fight evil with love’ is that sometimes the only thing you can do is to pay good deeds forward. Create the good deeds to pay forward. You never know who else has been having a crap day, and your kind deed makes it better and makes them see people in a better light. And if they see people in a better light, maybe that’s one less day that someone snaps and gets violent on another human being (whether the other human being deserved it or not).

    Don’t get me wrong, I wanted whoever did it to get what was coming to them for screwing my night up like that. It was a major violation, sick to the stomach feeling to think that someone could do that to my yard with no remorse or (worse) thinking it was funny. And it was a worse feeling to have others think it was no big deal and to shake it off. But in a way, they were right. Nothing I could do about it, and making a scene probably was exactly what the swastika-makers wanted to see.

    Hopefully there isn’t a Youtube video out there of my reaction – ha ha. :(

    But you do what you can.

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