1. ratbastard says

    Couple of weeks ago there were spectacular rainbows over the evening sky in Boston, I think in like 5 days in a row. I’d never seen such beautiful, well formed rainbows. Snapped a few pics, but they came out so-so. Everybody noticed them, cars were stopping, people gathering and talking with complete strangers.

  2. Rrhain says

    Indigo is there because it is one-seventh of the spectrum. That is, if you start divvying up the visible spectrum into its components, you’ll find that the swath that we consider “red” to be about one-seventh of the spectrum. Similarly for orange, yellow, green, etc.

    So if you take the one-seventh for blue next to green and then take the one-seventh for violet coming from the other end, you have an unaccounted for one-seventh between blue and violet.

    Thus, “indigo.”

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