1. Steve says

    His parents mating clearly didn’t advance the species. And what’s with religious fanatics suddenly believing (in a twisted, fantasy version of) evolution when it’s convenient.

  2. melvin says

    God, why didn’t we let these morons secede? We could have a normal country. and they could have their cuckoo land.

  3. Alex Parrish says

    What a waste of oxygen Gohmert is. I hope he didn’t reproduce — he clearly would take down average intelligence in the gene pool.

  4. Adam F says

    I didn’t think “christians” like Gohmert believed in evolution. Which is it Louie? Whichever viewpoint is most convenient?

  5. GregV says

    It’s actually pretty easy to explain how same-sex pair bonding and having a sizable proportion of a species NOT procreating helps to improve the survivability of both the species and of the planet.
    But I think people like Gohmert ask questions for which they do not really intend to pay attention to the answers.

  6. melvin says

    Gregv is of course correct if one recognizes groups, social entities, as competing for survival. In the hideous dystopia of Gohmert, Ayn and Paul and Ron Rand and half the GOP, there is no such thing as a group, let alone social responsibility, only the heroic (straight Christian white) individual. Doing it all on his own.

  7. Jaysonn says

    If there were a lot more gay people not having children it would improve many things on this planet. If these nutwings were taken to task of only having sex to reproduce we would eat ourselves out of food in about three years with over population.

  8. Bernie says

    if this guy thinks his way of thinking is love we are in big trouble…..the problem is when someone like Mr. Gohmert or a Michelle Bachmann are so focused on the one issue of homosexuality, they then become totally ineffectiveness in representing their constituents….Looking at Bachmann’s record, she did absolutely nothing!!

  9. Rexford says

    Apparently, he’s never had a prostate orgasm?! Otherwise, he’d understand “the plumbing God created.”

  10. James says

    Turns out that statistically gay men’s sisters are more fertile than their straight counterparts. Back in caveman days, if a woman had two men working for her children were more likely to survive. So help your sister and your genes still get passed on.

  11. Onnyjay says

    Forget it, it’s like trying to explain sanitation to a housefly. You’re never going to get through, just grab the Raid can and be done with it.

  12. trees says

    How does the mating of a sterile male and a infertile female straight couple evolve the species upward? Yet they can marry in this guy’s hypocritical philosophy.

  13. JimR says

    Another Republican male who cannot get the idea of two men having sex out of his mind.
    I’m not sure if these guys ever think about anything else.

  14. Eugene X says

    Geez, using social policy to improve the species… someone should come up with a name for that.

  15. tikko says

    he should be more concerned with uneducated teen mothers that have five or six kids that they can’t support and later in life become problems to society. Also, hasn’t he noticed by all the cars on the freeways and congestion that there are more than enough people in this county? We do not need anymore.

  16. Bill says

    If anyone has is going to bother to write to this guy to “help [him] with that”, just point out that a species prone to overpopulation gets an advantage when some people refrain from reproducing under normal circumstances. If a disaster wipes out 90% of the population, however, gays can always “do their duty to repopulate,”

  17. walter says

    well his parents sure as hell didn’t improve the species did it? all they did was add another brain dead texas gop congressman

  18. UFFDA says

    Two men loving one another advance the state of humanity automatically. If sex is involved it doesn’t change a thing and is none of your business anyway.

  19. redboy says

    by thinking differently – try almost single handily winning world war 2?
    as in the enigma codebreaker… straight men seemed incapable of breaking it…

  20. says

    Well, if one of the males is Louis Gohmert (I know, horrible to contemplate, but work with me here), and it keeps him from spawning, that’s an improvement to the species right there.

  21. gb says

    From my understanding two men supposedly started this human species, they were called God and Adam. Also I was told that God could do anything.

  22. jamal49 says

    Louie, honey, you procreating definitely does not “advance the species”. You are Exhibit A for some kind of means test to be implemented before heterosexuals such as yourself are permitted to procreate.

  23. says

    I want to know how geriatric couples mating advances the species.

    or heterosexuals who are infertile. or choosing to practice birth control.

    but hey, here’s how two males mating advances the species: by showing the heel-draggers that love exists, and thus welcoming them into the modern world.

    our species advances when we learn more. not when we breed like rabbits. just ask the Duggars. 19 kids and counting and they’re still among the most cripplingly unintelligent people on the planet.

  24. Jerry6 says

    SIR: It advances the evolution of the species in two ways: 1. When two males marry, they then find a woman who is unmarried, and not interested in rearing children herself, but would like to know that her family genetic code continues to live. 2. When two females marry, they find a man who has no interest in rearing children himself, but would like to know that his family genetic code continues to live.

    In both of these cases, any children who result will know that they were WANTED, and not just “Happened” because a condom leaked. In addition, such loving families are ripe for the non bigoted Religions to gain members.

  25. C Bryan King says

    Well, dumbass, the biosphere also evolves population controls, and we’re well in need of them!

    I suppose then that women past menopause and all infertile people should become celibate as well? I’d like to see him have to abide by that one after I crush his nuts!