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Pat Robertson Wishes There Was a 'Vomit' Button on Facebook for Photos of Gay Couples: VIDEO


Televangelist Pat Robertson responded to a viewer's question about whether it's sinful to push the "like" button on Facebook for photos of same-sex couples by saying he wishes the company would create a "vomit" button so he could press it every time he sees one.


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  1. Depends on the couple....

    Posted by: Alan Brickman | Jul 8, 2013 1:29:52 PM

  2. Just get cancer and die Pat. You deserve it, and I may actually say one of your christer prayers later for that to happen.

    Posted by: Marc C | Jul 8, 2013 1:30:00 PM

  3. Is he still alive? Who cares what he has to say. He's just an old, bigot of a man from an age which is dying out.

    Posted by: S. | Jul 8, 2013 1:30:14 PM

  4. I would like to see every SBC church in America on a map that we could pick out and virtually bomb every time he opens his maw.

    Posted by: Michael Barber | Jul 8, 2013 1:31:16 PM

  5. Honestly, not a bad idea. I could see myself hitting the vomit button every time I saw a right-wing republican christian post.

    Posted by: crazycorgi | Jul 8, 2013 1:31:28 PM

  6. I vomit every time I see Pat Robertson.

    Posted by: Gigi | Jul 8, 2013 1:33:24 PM

  7. I want a button that, when pressed, give Pat a full and yawning consciousness of the vastness, emptiness of the universe, the utter uselessness and foulness of his entire life, and the proximity and horror of his impending death. And it would never get less vast or less terrifying.

    Posted by: Steerpike | Jul 8, 2013 1:35:17 PM

  8. @ Gigi - Of course, he looks like the Crypt Keeper.

    Posted by: Mike in the tundra | Jul 8, 2013 1:35:41 PM

  9. irrelevant, sad man... con man til the end..

    Posted by: dino | Jul 8, 2013 1:36:40 PM

  10. Where do you just stumble upon gay couple photos on facebook unless you're looking for them?

    Posted by: marco | Jul 8, 2013 1:41:00 PM

  11. Hate buttons have been suggested many times in the past, but a vomit button might also be useful. Sounds like he actually uses FB. Does he really go looking for gay couple photos, though? Odd.

    Posted by: anon | Jul 8, 2013 1:46:27 PM

  12. Pat -how Xtian of you!
    Go back and count your booty that you extract from third world countries after your dispense your fairy tale book to the unsuspecting sheeple.

    Posted by: nick | Jul 8, 2013 1:48:21 PM

  13. Pat Robertson deserves to have his ass kicked out of church by Jesus personally... just like any of the other money changers.

    Posted by: Jexer | Jul 8, 2013 1:48:21 PM

  14. The Xian right would find themselves vomit-buttoned pretty thickly pretty fast. Would they be proud of their vilification by all those sinful godless heathens? Or would they be incensed that they were being "bullied"?

    Posted by: Glenn I | Jul 8, 2013 1:54:16 PM

  15. Pat should be very careful what he wishes for, he might just get that button and realize how many people selected that function when he spoke.

    Posted by: J. Alan | Jul 8, 2013 1:54:36 PM

  16. No animus here.

    Posted by: Dan | Jul 8, 2013 1:54:44 PM

  17. How often do pics of gay people show up on his FB page? And... why is that?

    Posted by: JimmyD | Jul 8, 2013 1:58:07 PM

  18. The feeling is mutual, "reverend", I assure you.

    Posted by: The Milkman | Jul 8, 2013 2:02:08 PM

  19. when are you going to die?

    Posted by: Jay Phillips | Jul 8, 2013 2:04:18 PM

  20. what a POS this man is......a charleton,weasel scumbag

    Posted by: disgusted american | Jul 8, 2013 2:05:19 PM

  21. proof that evil lives forever

    Posted by: Sean | Jul 8, 2013 2:07:54 PM

  22. @anon, of course he looks for gay couples. These gay hate groups spend enormous time thinking, imagining about gays, gay love life etc. Weird.

    Posted by: Matt26 | Jul 8, 2013 2:09:50 PM

  23. We should be able to push the lightning-bolt button when we see this creep.

    Posted by: Richard | Jul 8, 2013 2:11:21 PM

  24. Only the good die young. Pathetic geezer!

    Posted by: John P. | Jul 8, 2013 2:14:32 PM

  25. I hate to say this. But he just needs to die already.

    Posted by: UrbanMike | Jul 8, 2013 2:14:38 PM

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