1. Marc C says

    Just get cancer and die Pat. You deserve it, and I may actually say one of your christer prayers later for that to happen.

  2. says

    Is he still alive? Who cares what he has to say. He’s just an old, bigot of a man from an age which is dying out.

  3. Michael Barber says

    I would like to see every SBC church in America on a map that we could pick out and virtually bomb every time he opens his maw.

  4. crazycorgi says

    Honestly, not a bad idea. I could see myself hitting the vomit button every time I saw a right-wing republican christian post.

  5. Steerpike says

    I want a button that, when pressed, give Pat a full and yawning consciousness of the vastness, emptiness of the universe, the utter uselessness and foulness of his entire life, and the proximity and horror of his impending death. And it would never get less vast or less terrifying.

  6. marco says

    Where do you just stumble upon gay couple photos on facebook unless you’re looking for them?

  7. anon says

    Hate buttons have been suggested many times in the past, but a vomit button might also be useful. Sounds like he actually uses FB. Does he really go looking for gay couple photos, though? Odd.

  8. nick says

    Pat -how Xtian of you!
    Go back and count your booty that you extract from third world countries after your dispense your fairy tale book to the unsuspecting sheeple.

  9. Jexer says

    Pat Robertson deserves to have his ass kicked out of church by Jesus personally… just like any of the other money changers.

  10. says

    The Xian right would find themselves vomit-buttoned pretty thickly pretty fast. Would they be proud of their vilification by all those sinful godless heathens? Or would they be incensed that they were being “bullied”?

  11. J. Alan says

    Pat should be very careful what he wishes for, he might just get that button and realize how many people selected that function when he spoke.

  12. Matt26 says

    @anon, of course he looks for gay couples. These gay hate groups spend enormous time thinking, imagining about gays, gay love life etc. Weird.

  13. feo says

    He’s looking for gay couples on Facebook?
    Maybe we should post some photos on their Facebook page.

  14. NE1 says

    This guy is 83 and gets paid millions to say this stuff, to people that take him seriously, and they’re laughing like 3rd grade bullies. I’m 31 and I don’t have a facebook, if he needs a vomit button my suggestion would be to delete his account. And no Christians, if you’re gonna ask yourself if it’s a sin, just unfriend the person, you’re not being a good friend in the first place.

  15. MateoM says

    I’d like to see him in a threesome with Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin. Gotta wonder how much Viagra that would take.

  16. Roman Bolliger says

    No need for a vomit button whenever Robertson appears on a screen….

  17. Lifesart says

    Why is he still alive and so many worthy people are not? If I ever saw him in person I would make it a point to puke all over him. I do it all the time, virtually!

  18. woodroad34d says

    I’d say the same thing for when this a-moral doofus is on anything. The problem is, he already looks like vomit.

  19. Crasher says

    I wish I could projectile vomit at will. There’s lots of people I’d puke on….Pat being one.

  20. says

    Dear Pat Robertson:

    Be careful what you wish for — if Facebook puts in a “vomit” button, who do you think is going to get the most action? Hint: It won’t be some nice gay couple.

  21. Sean says

    It is so not Christian of him to say something like that. If I am really going to hell, I expect Pat Robertson to be there waiting for me.

  22. Joseph L says

    Why do we need a button? Pat Robertson can just vomit for real, and then choke on it. How poetic!

  23. Onnyjay says

    Careful what you wish for, Patsy-boy, somebody might push the barf button on your dumb combover and those ugly ties, not to mention the rapturously stupid things you say. Like the time you said God was gonna send a hurricane to wipe out Orlando because Dizzy Whirl started “Gay Day”?

  24. henri langlais says

    I don’t understand how someone would see these photos on their facebook page involuntarily. Does he have gay friends? Is he actively looking for them? I rarely see them on my own facebook stream.

  25. Will says

    So he’s basically admitting he finds gays repulsive, not having anything to do with his religion…

  26. GregV says

    There are two laughable ironies in their conversation:
    1). “… Something that goes against what’s written in the Bible, such as pictures of same-sex couples…”

    The Bible doesn’t contain a single word by anyone, let alone Jesus, that speaks negatively of a same-sex couple or a “picture of a same-sex couple.” These fanatics can always find a half sentence in a Bible story about a mob gang-rape or a cult orgy and treat it as if it applies to same-sex COUPLES when there is NO same-sex couple in the story. Of course, a story of a mob of men raping a WOMAN does not have any connection whatsoever to a modern-day DIFFERENT-SEX couple.

    2) “A couple of same-sex guys kissing “makes Pat want to press “vomit.”

    Well, Jesus greeted the men he loved with a kiss. How can people like Robertson claim to be “Christians” when it would appear if he saw Jesus himself on the street he would “want to press the vomit button?”

    Corinthians also contains Paul’s advice that men should greet other men with a kiss. Robertson seems ready to throw out Paul’s advice in the setences whete he speaks POSITIVELY of SAME-sex affection, but tells others to follow Paul’s ways when it comes to his treatment of women:

    “The apostle Paul tells us in Corinthians the importance of submission. And when you lose that submission in a marriage, there’s only one solution: a sound spanking on the bottom.

  27. Bernie says

    aw, poor Mr. Robertson has a weak tummy, he needs some pink Pepto Bismol, but if that is too threatening, he can get some Emetrol to soothe that tummy…..happy vomiting to him!

  28. says

    Funny, the thought of Pat Robertson makes me wanna vomit, too – and I don’t go around asking for a “Vomit” button. Pussy. And typical chicken, wanting to hide behind a little button he can push from high atop is ivory (and glass!) tower.