Russian President Vladimir Putin Signs Law Banning Foreign Gay Couples from Adopting Children

PutinRussian President Vladimir Putin has signed a law banning adoption by foreign same-sex couples, the AP reports:

The new law prohibits adoption by same-sex foreign couples whose homeland recognizes their union as marriage, as well as by single people or unmarried couples from those countries.

A Kremlin statement said the measure is intended to guarantee children a "harmonious" upbringing and protect them from "complexes, emotional suffering and stress."

On Sunday, Putin signed an oppressive law banning "gay propaganda".


  1. Rich F. says

    Oh, yes… because all of the kids languishing in those notoriously horrendous Russian orphanages are receiving harmonious upbringings, completely free of complexes, emotional suffering and stress.

  2. walter says

    it is really sad how his closeted bigotry will keep children in a state run orphanage rather than a loving home. this man is no better than the dictators of the former soviet union or the czars

  3. MateoM says

    Walter, I’m sure he’d take that as a compliment. I’m sure he misses the grand ol’ USSR.

  4. JMC says

    I feel so sad for all of the children who will be deprived of loving, stable homes because of this pig.

  5. Mike Ryan says

    For that the rest of the free world should ban all Russians from adopting any non-Russian born children. Tit for Tat. Let the childless Russian couples scream their heads off at Putin.

  6. andrew says

    This is good news for the many American children who need to be adopted into loving American families. If an American wants to adopt a child, there is no reason to look to foreign countries when we have so many American children in need of adoption.

  7. JMC says

    Andrew: American couples will continue to adopt from other foreign countries because of how completely f*cked the adoption process is in America.

  8. Warren says

    This really just codifies what’s been practice for some time. I adopted my son from Russia in 2000 and it was an obstacle course, mostly because I was a “single” man. The laws forbade them from discriminating, but they worked to find every possible reason to say no. If it weren’t for a strong support system (and a career in education) it wouldn’t have happened. In the end, they told my coordinating agency that they’d approve me if they promised to never put through a single man again. It wasn’t so much the adoption workers, but the fear of what superiors would say. Like my dear Russian babushka attorney said to the judge, “We think nothing of leaving our babies at the doorstep of the orphanage, yet me question a man who wants to raise this baby.” Our next two adoptions were local, through the foster system. There are thousands of kids stateside needing homes. The system here is far from perfect, believe me, but at least the people in charge are reachable.

  9. andrew says

    JMC: Doesn’t the American adoption process vary from State to State and even from one Municipality to another? If that is the case, it can’t possibly all be “completely f*cked”.

  10. jamal49 says

    Hey, Vlady! You wanna protect Russian children? Keep them away from the Russian Orthodox Church.

  11. ratbastard says

    Vald should be ashamed of the homeless children [not just teenagers, but children] on the streets of Moscow and other Russian cities. They fall prey to pervs and some of the nastiest drug addictions on the planet [google the Russian drug Krokodil; it makes bath salts seem tame]. This while Vlad and the Russian Oligarchy are multi billionaires and building uber McMansions in Russia, London, etc.

  12. Keith says

    Having to live in a Russian orphanage is far more likely to be stressful than having Gay parents!

    How rude and offensive this man is and his hypocritical Orthodox church allies.

  13. Tim doro says

    eventually the U.N. will make rights on gay marriage and gay people a requirement for membership an he will have to bow or go alone if he still wants to be a world player

  14. says

    Our US foster-to-adopt process was relatively easy and we were fairly certain our son didn’t suffer from Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD), which can be managed, but not cured. Getting good medical info during int’l adoptions can be very difficult.

    The reality is that there are currently many more children in need of homes than there are adoptive families. Putin is the lowest if the low, but this move will only help the waiting, and just as deserving, kids in the US.

  15. ratbastard says

    Unfortunately, there are some pervert gay male parents. This is the latest example: