1. Dback says

    It’s very difficult to concentrate on the fine job he’s doing as a politician and representing the Democratic party, when I keep imagining immediately falling to my knees if I were ever in his presence. (The football pics were bad enough, but since he’s added the beard…)

  2. JONES says

    ‘Ralph Reed looks tired’ That’s the smarm leaking out.

    You notice with all his percentile quotes that he neglected to say that 60% of Americans now favor equality.

  3. says

    I love it; A generation that won’t put up with bullies.

    Great stuff – let’s get the bullies, politicians, religious freaks, enabling cardinals, all out of office.

    These older people have phucked up society for so long with their segregation, Christian fascism, their homophobia, their snatching all the wealth for 1%…….these people are responsible for a society which is not where it ought to be in its progress.
    We are still debating Leviticus, for phuck’s sake !
    And that’s the height of our intellectualism ?
    We are using arcane rules to stifle a gay man in the state assembly ?
    Heads would have rolled in Paris in 1789.

  4. Gast says

    So on Meet the Press he quotes the percentage of Americans who “were” in favor of bans when those bans were passed. how in the world does that reflect people’s opinions today?

  5. Mike Ryan says

    Brian Sims for President! Let’s get the ball rolling. He will be the most handsome President we ever have! The Pennsylvania GOP is thoroughly humiliated. The nation now knows that Pennsylvania Republicans cannot separate Church and State. They need to be replaced ASAP. Vote them out of office Pennsylvanians!

  6. CPT_Doom says

    One Note: Ralph Reed is, unsurprisingly, wrong again. 100% of Americans live in states that define marriage as between a man and a woman. 30% of us happens to live in states (or in my case a District) that also defines marriage as between two people of the same gender. We broadened the definition, we didn’t limit it.

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