‘Teen Wolf’ Sees Some Sexy Gay Action: VIDEO

The HuffPost explains what's happening here:

Aside from supernatural beings, the "Teen Wolf" high school, Beacon Hills High, also has its token gay student, Danny (played by Keahu Kahuanui), who catches the eye of new student, Ethan (played by Charlie Carver), who happens to be part of the rival alpha wolf pack (you following?). Long story short, in last night's episode the group of teens find themselves at a haunted hotel and when they are forced to share rooms, Danny and Ethan bunk up and the shirts fly off fast.

And a post-show discussion:

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  1. jjose712 says

    The show is very gay friendly, but it’s time they start to use his gay character like a recurring role instead of a token gay with good oneliners every three episodes

  2. Matt26 says

    Haven’t watched this show, but I think it is very good gay characters are so regular and they have passion and love in their lives. Audiences get more and more used to it.

  3. jim says

    i’m glad to see this, but the writing this season has been so horrific that all the amazing torsos on the show couldnt keep me interested. Im afraid this might be a last ditch effort to get some attention.

  4. Moz's says

    last night’s episode was the best of this season and 1 of the best of the series

    This season has sucked big time so far.

    The Danny scene was just a cherry on top of an overall good episode with Dylan O’brien (Styles) showing himself yet again to be the best actor on the show

  5. Moz's says

    @ rob


    its a hallucination caused by the big bad of this season using wolfsbane to drive all the werewolves to hallucinate and attempt suicides in last night’s episode

  6. Brian says

    I noticed the this season’s writing has been almost long-winded. I think it has to do with MTV expanding the show’s order from 10/12 episodes of the first two seasons to 22 episodes this season.

  7. Michael says

    Sorry, but I’ve been a HUGE fan for the first two season but, as someone pointed out, this seasons sucks. Haven’t watched the past two episodes and this used to be, by far, my favorite program.

  8. SoLeftImRight says

    Love this show, but have to agree this season is all over the place. Hard to keep an interest in the story lines, but scenes like this do help.

    Need some shirtless Stiles, however!

  9. says

    I became a fan little by little. Stiles was a BIG part of that… he’s just too adorable! Plus, the real-life friendship between Dylan O’Brien (Stiles) and Tyler Posey (Scott) skyrocketed their onscreen chemistry and made them completely believable as best friends with a great trust between them.

    But YES we need Stiles to rip that shirt off. He’s obviously been working out a bit since the end of season 2 and was shirtless publicly before he ever landed this role — so I don’t know why they’re teasing for so long. Tyler even tried to get him to take it off during a comic-con panel. Poor guy. lol

    Oh, and yeah the show has been very gay positive. There was even a cute scene last episode where Stiles thinks he’s in danger because the serial killer is after virgins and in the locker room yells at Scott that “Somebody needs to sex me right now!” — Danny (openly gay character in scene above) closes his locker door and says, “Alright I’ll do it.” Stile’s face is priceless.

    You should really watch the whole clip

  10. Geoff says

    I disagree with people saying this season sucks. I think it’s been quite strong and the last two episodes have been some of the best the show has done.

    As for what was happening in that scene. All of the Werewolves at the hotel were suffering from Aconite poisoning. Which on the show really screws with their heads.