1. says

    Unf, that underwear expert deserves a large post. That Cornel West video is a lot less bombastic than the blurb makes it out to be. I would like to hear that whole talk.

  2. Derrick from Philly says

    I respect Dr West and Mister Smiley (Mr Smiley, I find sexy. I love a lot of beef)both very much, but they’re being deliberately silly here. There were no specific initiatives for Black America these last 5 years–we know that. Yes, we need help in the inner-cities, and the president didn’t promise any.

    Just because the President is pleased about progress in equal rights for Gay people–including Black Gay people–doesn’t mean he’s thrown Black folks under the bus.

    Why does Dr West pretend to be so naive about Black folks’ sophistication when it comes to politics. Most of us never expected “much” from this first Black President that would be targeted at Black communities? We knew that. We were just proud of this moment in our history in this country.

    God, so many of ya’ll use that expression “thrown under the bus” so much– it’s corny.

  3. sundayboy says

    It isn’t a competition Cornel West. Instead of scolding the LGBT community – or encouraging right wing mischief to drive wedges into community relations, why not help build supportive and affirming alliances?

    Language matters. I was appalled by the voting down of the VRA. Many in the LGBT community will stand strongly with communities of color in resisting oppression in ANY form.

    (That’s if what West meant is accurately conveyed in this clip). If trolls start popping up here we’ll know that it was.

  4. David says

    Brian Maloney’s edit and title misrepresent Dr. West. It isn’t a scolding of the LGBT community. He supports our equality. He’s just always been an intentional burr under the saddle of both the Obama administration and our shared cultural consciousness where the black community’s welfare is concerned. That’s his greatest passion and he conveys it more thoughtfully and lovingly than just about anyone.

  5. brian says

    Tavis Smiley has long been anti-gay. I would expect him to say these things… but not Mr. West. Used to be a big fan of his until I heard this. :(

  6. Jeff says

    West is actually correct, but it’s not just blacks. Everyone that’s part of the lower classes are getting shafted, and when the administration wants people to think it’s liberal and not just a pawn of banks and corporations, they do something pro-gay to appease the base. We benefit from this, of course, but at the expense of our country’s collective future.

  7. JONES says

    Hold his feet to the fire like the LGBT did. Don’t stoop to cheapening what we’ve accomplished legislatively; that’s right-wing divisiveness. As sundayboy said we stood in opposition to the Courts gutting the VRA. Instead of the blame game make your Rep & Senator hear your voice of outrage. It can be resurrected legislatively but they won’t do it until you force them to.

    Obama is far from perfect but the other option; Romney/GOP, you’re out of your f**kin gourd to even consider it.

  8. Brian says

    Ironically, it’s not Obama who is instrumental in any of the LGBT victories.

    DADT was repealed after the Democrats received a MASSIVE drubbing at the hands of the GOP in the mid-terms after two years of doing nothing. LGBT voters stayed home on election day and didn’t donate. It was clear that the Democrats would have been up the creek without a paddle without repealing DADT (which was opposed by over 70% of Americans).

    DOMA is dead because of a SCOTUS case… the administration had little to do with it.

    Dr. West and African Americans would do well to learn from the LGBT example — if there are broken promises or a policy agenda that isn’t being brought to light, skip an election or two and watch the Democrats come rushing back to make things right!

  9. sundayboy says

    I do believe that LGBT rights were fast tracked at the government level because many LGBT have serious financial clout and that’s not true in communities of color.

    That’s reprehensible but undeniable. Citizens United is the template for 2013 politics. The only way this will change is if we unite for progressive change.

    Splitting into factions over identity politics is counterproductive. The LGBT community realizes no one is free where some are oppressed.

    I’m personally committing myself to social justice issues for all – I like how equality feels and its my duty as an American to ensure everyone does.

  10. Markles says

    Andy, if you’re going to post a link to an out-of-context clip of comments made by Cornel West, you might want to also note he praised the Supreme Court’s decision on gay marriage.

  11. mike128 says

    Sorry, but I think Cornel West says that our gay brothers and sisters are pushed to the *center*. I’m not sure he means that gays have GAINED while blacks haven’t. He could also be meaning that gays have been forced to retool themselves as centrists, rather than progressives, in order to make progress. Out of context, this is hard to judge…

  12. JONES says

    DOMA is dead because these five justices understood the monumental importance to this nation that equality must really be for everyone.
    We will forever be in gratitude to these five Justices.

    Anthony Kennedy
    Ruth Bader Ginsberg
    Stephen Breyer
    Elena Kagan
    Sonia Sotomayor

  13. Bill says

    I happened to hear the broadcast of the Smiley and West program that this small clip is taken from. In all fairness, Dr. West and Tavis Smiley spoke approvingly several times in the broadcast of the Supreme Court’s decision in the DOMA case and on gay rights in general. Granted, when I heard this particular part of the show I was somewhat dismayed as it appeared he was pitting blacks against gays as if no blacks are gay and no gays are black or that civil rights is an either or proposition. Nonetheless, I did not, overall, perceive any homophobia or disapproval of the gay rights victories inherent in the Supreme Court decisions from either host on this show. BTW, he said back of the bus, not under the bus.

  14. HKfCA says

    Blacks for the most part have pushed themselves to the back of the bus. If they stooped committing crimes, and actually tried to finish high school there would be no racial inequality in this land. The government is doing enough as it is.

  15. Princely says

    I can’t understand how people could be upset by what Dr West said (in that small, out of context audio clip from scumbag Brian Maloney — I used to work with him, so I KNOW he’s an assbag).

    Dr West states his opinion/fact that blacks under this president have lost ground. Like a LOT of people in this country. But, concurrently, LGBT (which has a subset of black folks, too) people have made substantial gains under the president. I didn’t hear him say BECAUSE of the president this has happened! He’s just pointing out the irony, given that it’s reasonable to expect a ‘minority’ president to act on concerns of the minority. Why the oddly negative reaction to his statement?

  16. says

    So is Andy racist? I bring this up because there seems to be no real use for that Dr. West clip. I know most of the people who comment here are racist, and I guess it makes sense that the guy who supports all these racist people is also racist. A Towleroad talk on race issues would be fabulous.

  17. Derrick from Philly says

    @ Fenrox,

    interesting comment.

    Over the years, there have been Black visitors to Towleroad who stopped visiting over the issue of Andy’s choice of news stories dealing with race. And I’ve been called all kinds of ugly names by other Black Gays for continuing as a “regular” on this blog.

    Why do I stay? Well, Andy posts a lot of stories, some of the comments are often insightful, and obviously I don’t have much work to do at work.

    There was one incident that made me leave the blog with the intention of staying away (my resolve didn’t last, did it?)

    About 2 years ago I came back to work after CHristmas break (I don’t have a computer at home, and don’t want one). There was a news story out of Chicago about 7 White kids who brutally beat up an Asian kid. A female in the group taped it, and the video went viral. The story and the video were everywhere–it can still be seen on Youtube. One teen, Raymond Palomino, was so brutal in the attack he was arrested with serious charges.

    I just knew Andy would post that video. There had been numerous videos on Towleroad of Black folks committing violence, and the racists who post here just love those. I wanted to see the racists reaction to this.

    I searched the stories Andy (or his staff) posted all ten days I’d been out on break. I checked the archives. Couldn’t find anything on this Chicago news story on Towleroad.

    Andy, or anyone PLEASE CORRECT ME IF I”M WRONG, but that “Chicago Teens Brutally Beat Asian Teen” story never made it to Towleroad.

    That was unfair. But blogs aint fair, are they?

  18. Mikey DallasM says

    Derrick from Philly. Was the Asian kid gay? Because I don’t see Andy posting stories like that unless they have a gay element. Otherwise those stories might all the blog has time for.

  19. Derrick from Philly says

    @”Derrick from Philly. Was the Asian kid gay? Because I don’t see Andy posting stories like that unless they have a gay element. Otherwise those stories might all the blog has time for.”

    Mikey Dallas,

    I thought about that after I posted on Wednesday, and I’d forgotten that I thought about that 2 years ago. But then I remembered that there have been numerous stories here about violence that are not Gay-related.

    For instance, there was story posted about a confrontation between Black girls and a White man on a Washington DC subway platform. It was caught on video. Now, I guess people assumed that the White guy was Gay (speech sound, mannerisms), but the confrontation was not a Gay-bashing. The Black girls did not call him “f.ggot” when they went after him. Why was that story posted?

    Also the London Riots. It was such a big story that it could not be ignored, but it turned into a story with racial overtones. We knew that was going to happen.

    This is Andy Towles’ blog. I appreciate what he does. But race is a constant issue on Andy’s blog.

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