Towleroad Talking Points: Culture Wars Over Gay Marriage?


A look back at today's top stories


Phil Kent, a Governor's Appointee in the state of Georgia, is calling for anti-gay activists to rise up in a culture war against gay marriage. It seems like there is already a culture war, and the pro-love side is winning. David Gregory sat down with Tim Huelskamp yesterday and totally disabused him of the notion that gay families are bad for kids. Also one of the heads of NOM is ranting that SCOTUS' rulings amount to "judicial tyranny". What a poor loser. 



Gay Pride took over New York City this weekend and Cher took over the Pride on the Pier event. Calvin Klein and his boytoy are reportedly back together, with the latter looking to return to the runway

For what seems like the millionth time, Hugh Jackman and his wife sat down with Australian television to complain about those persistent gay rumors. Check out an a cappella version of the Canadian National Anthem in honor of Canada Day and Kelly Clarkson performs a Mumford & Sons cover




Andrew Sullivan believes that if Catholics have learned to stomach divorce, they should be able to get on board with gay marriage. Also for the first time ever a green card has been issued to a gay man because of his marriage to a U.S. citizen. 



Apparently drag is not for the faint of heart in Peru. And just in time for Pride here is an explanation of the phenomenon that produces rainbows

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