1. anon says

    Ben is NOT Jason’s Faerie FRIEND. Ben is Warlow the vampire that is coming after Sookie. You couldn’t have watched the latest episode and written what you wrote here about “Ben”.

  2. ripper says

    Give me an effin’ break. They’ve had true gay romance on this show… Russell Edgington and his lover Talbot for one. Russell and Stew Newlin. Lafayette and Jesus. Tara and the boxer she had a fling with in New Orleans. Tara and Pam.

    Just because none of those characters live up to your idealized body shape like Ryan Kwanten or Joe Manginello, you choose to ignore those relationships?

  3. Matt26 says

    The hottiest scene on TB so far. Two men just shaving each other (!), but the subtext is full of sexual tension. When Jason wakes up, he sees (watching down there) he has enjoyed it. I love it. Ryan and Rob are so handsome.
    @ripper, yes and no, yes in a way this scene is hotter than those showing gay relationship and no, of course I like those story lines, too. But sorry, Ryan and Joe are my fav in TB.

  4. Zeta says

    Give me an effin’ break. They’ve had true gay romance on this show… Russell Edgington and his lover Talbot for one. Russell and Stew Newlin. Lafayette and Jesus. Tara and the boxer she had a fling with in New Orleans. Tara and Pam.

    Just because none of those characters live up to your idealized body shape like Ryan Kwanten or Joe Manginello, you choose to ignore those relationships?

    Posted by: ripper | Jul 9, 2013 9:17:34 AM

    Nothing more needs to be said. Except maybe there should be, if this is an actual attitude out there that you have to be blonde, caucasian and twinkish to count, or built like Hercules. This is actually rather frustrating.

  5. Steerpike says

    Sorry. Hot lesbians do not count. nor do hot threesomes with Joe. Russell never ever kissed his bitchy little boyfriend. They’ve used Jesus’ death to utterly neuter Lafayette, who might as well be Maya Angelou now. And using gay sex as a way of killing someone is worse than nothing, Eric.

  6. Dastius Krazitauc says

    There have been some gay relationships, but they have been rather sexless, and the Russell/Steve relationship was almost quaint. But there have been plenty of steamy hetero sex scenes. This clip was erotic, but they just had to stop before Jason’s lips touched Ben’s skin. And they are coy about male nudity too. The show served up a whole season of full frontal Lilith, but when Billith emerged at the beginning of this season, his nudity was obscured. We had four fully naked female servants of Lilith, but when Sam shifts, so does the camera. This season also had two naked werewolf women making out, but it was not lesbian, it was purely to titillate Alcide and the male viewers who get off on that. This nudity free, panic-inducing shaving dream is the closest we’ve come to any gay sexuality.

    And speaking of this, the woman who recaps True Blood for Huffington Post says the shaving scene “weirded her out” and that it weirded out *everyone on twitter*. In a show full of blood sucking undead, werewolves who tear people apart, faeries coming and going from other realms, and men changing into horses, homoerotic shaving is what she finds *weird*. That doesn’t just reflect on her, but it reflects on the show for being so coy about same-sex sex.

  7. franklin says

    This show is actually pretty homophobic. The only truly sexy scenes involving two men are always “in a dream”. Total cop out. OK, if you actually do have gay sex in this series, you will end up very dead.

  8. anon says

    @ Dastius Krazitauc

    All of the female nudity you cite in your post has been of non-main characters. They are NEVER going to show full frontal nudity of any of the main characters on the show. They have shown penises in the past. But, they have been of extras who were being held hostage by vampires and the like.

  9. Dastius Krazitauc says

    Why not show main characters naked, anon? I know Skarsgard wouldn’t have a problem with it. And didn’t they show full frontal Luna?

    But main character or not, the nudity skews female by a huge margin.

  10. ripper says

    So the previous couple of commenters suggest that the show must show gay sex or male nudity to represent authentic gay characters or relationships. How very NOM of you.

  11. anon says

    @Dastius Krazitauc I don’t know why. That just seems to be the rules they follow. I don’t think Joe Manganello would have a problem with full frontal either. I’ve read that he has done it before live on stage. I’ve also read that when you “think” you are seeing full frontal on the females in True Blood, they are actually wearing a merkin.

  12. anon says

    @Ripper, actually what the posters are suggesting is that if female nudity is going to be shown and hetero sex is going to be shown, then male nudity and gay sex should also be shown. It’s about representing things in the same manner.

  13. Dastius Krazitauc says

    Well, ripper, having straight naked couples screwing while the gay male couple take strolls, and dance and talk about looking for a pet is so very 1980. It’s not that I *need* to see gay sex or male nudity, but I question the absence of it when there is an abundance of hetero sex and female nudity. This show has always seemed to use the treatment of supernaturals as metaphors for the way society treats gay people, but the show itself is unequal in what it chooses to portray.

  14. ripper says

    Nope. You just choose to ignore the male nudity that has been shown or the gay couplings that have appeared because, as pointed out previously, it’s not the specific males you want to see naked (i.e. Manginello or Skarsgaard). Try being less shallow.

  15. MickyFlip says

    That was such a hot scene when I originally saw it last Sunday night. Yeah, TB never ceases to amaze me. Sorry but Vamps are definitely hotter and sexier than half-dead flesh rotting Zombies.

  16. steepike says

    Okay since we’re now censoring people here. I would like to see men having sex in exactly as much detail as we constantly see heterosexuals having sex. That means kissing, naked skin, embracing, and orgasm

  17. JoeVlad says

    I think the argument shouldn’t be about which male characters can or should be shown in sexual situations; it’s that the gay relationships on True Blood have been fairly sexless, at least compared to the heterosexual ones. Not only sexless, but also negative in their sexuality (i.e. death, manipulation, a scary dream that someone awakens from)…

  18. ripper says

    Right, because Sookie and Bill’s relationship has been such a positive one. I believe she tried to stake him two episodes ago. Sam’s girlfriend died. Jason’s relationships have been nothing but trainwrecks including at least one dead girlfriend I can remember. Tara’s relationship with Eggs ended when he was killed.

    It’s a show about vampires and other demons. Of course, people are going to die.

  19. Rick says

    Please continue to provide us with video clips of the juicy parts since I simply cannot bare to sit through an hour of this inane show every week, waiting to get a glimpse of Jason’s butt, as much of a draw as that is.

    Arguably the stupidest show on cable–and that is saying a lot.

  20. Charles says

    There is hot lesbians on this show and threesomes involving two women for one reason: heterosexual men like it. You will never see any proper gay or bisexual male sex in this show for one reason: heterosexual men say it’s gross. They say it’s gross even if it’s Alcide or Jason. We are all ugly and disgusting to them.

  21. Rick says

    @Charles Alan Ball, the creator of this show, is gay, and he certainly did not shy away from showing two guys in bed with each other in his previous HBO series “Six Feet Under.”

    And besides, are straight men the majority of the audience for this show? My hunch would be that it attracts a mostly female audience, given all the scenes involving shirtless males…..and most of them would not object to a male-male sex scene and many would actually be turned on by it.

  22. Chaz says

    I’m actually running out of patience with True Blood. It’s becoming boring. The storylines are getting less and less compelling and the whole original idea: of a complex vampire society that you gradually learn more and more about, is falling to pieces. It all started going downhill with the fairies and those boring witches.

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