1. johnny says

    I’ve never understood the total difference of attitudes about men’s nipples vs. women’s nipples.

    Both sexes can be aroused by stimulation of the nipples, yet seeing a woman’s nipples in public is considered taboo, much less having someone play with them publicly.

    But men? No big deal, show them and let others play with them all you want in public.

    I find this difference to be a very odd social phenomenon.

  2. Mike says

    @Johnny Do not know why there is a difference between [ . ] [ . ] and. ( . ) ( . ) either. Just know that I MUCH prefer the former and only tolerate the later.

  3. VSo says

    @Johnny: A social construct, with biological roots. Women’s nipples (and breasts) are assessed by a patriarchal society as agents of child-bearing and -rearing, and therefore as somehow sacred and subject to control. Men’s nipples have no such teleology, in fact, are useless from an evolutionary biology perspective. You’re right, though: a really fascinating illustration of how different meanings are projected onto bodies.

  4. johnny says

    Adam, I’ll have to differ. Men’s nipples are very much a sexual thing (but not reproductive). Most of the men I’ve met get an erection when you stimulate their nipples. If that’s not sexual, I don’t know what is. It seems that our male bodies know exactly what nipples are for (besides a female-only milk delivery system).

  5. joel says

    As someone who will freely admit to not understanding the whole tattoo culture my question is what the hell is he going to do when the show goes off as it invariably will? He’s marked himself up with symbols that will be meaningless in a few years and being on his nipples will require (painful) surgery to get rid of. Young and foolish is one thing but this is rather extreme. Talk about not thinking something through!

  6. Critifur says

    I am pretty sure from what Tyler said that the tattoos are of the water transfer / temporary variety.

    Also, too bad Tyler is a wolf on this show, because he would have made a great young Alcide, or son of Alcide on True Blood.


    I gave the show a chance the other day -even if didn’t know much about the inner mythology- and the main problem I found is the actors lack of skills (not all of them, but well), they seemed in the brink of laughing always, it makes the show more of a joke.
    Tattoos… umm, IMO, guy, you are not that famous to have the extra burden of being hired plus tattoos (that should be covered to not break character).

  8. Ryan says

    Dylan O’Brien makes that show very watchable, despite the heavy cheese factor. His talent as a comedic actor is off the charts and he’s a total cutie, too.

  9. Mike says

    @FENROX. Only the the most crude neanderthal type or unstable psychopath would would agree with you when you say that “men can’t contain themselves around fully clothed women.” It has nothing to do with them being gay or “adult”. It has EVERYTHING to do with people having a social respect for each. To do otherwise would literally be CRIMINAL! Feel sorry for your acquaintances, for you CERTAINLY do not have ANY friends . . .

  10. Strepsi says

    @RYAN: I agree, Dylan O’Brien is an amazing comedic actor: what’s more amazing is that he has chemistry in acting with EVERYONE: Scott, his dad, Scott’s mom, Lydia, Derek…..

    Oh yes, I am hoping Stiles / Derek does become a thing.

    @MIKE: FENROX was being snarky – but psychopathic or not, his statement is an accurate depiction of the Islamic practice of veiling women. When I was in Egypt, our lovely guide wore a hijab (head scarf). WHen I asked if she ever wore a veil on her face she said “No, I’m not hot enough for that. A hot woman must cover herself so men do not lose control around her.” SRSLY. O.O

  11. peterparker says

    My typical ‘type’ is blond hair, blue/green eyes, and pale skin (think Colton Haynes or Dylan O’Brien), but when I watch ‘Teen Wolf’, I *cannot* take my eyes off Tyler Posey! That face is so pretty and so interesting…makes me wish I was 20 years old again!!

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