1. Adam says

    The sad thing is that gay men idolize women who allow themselves to be objectified by sleazy straight guys. Madonna, Britney, Lady Gaga …all these women are known to pose and behave in ways which prop up the sleazy straight guy fantasy.

    By supporting these women’s careers, gay men have contributed to the gratuitous objectification of women.

  2. Cadence says

    Nice video and song, but based on the statement above, I think that they failed. Maybe it’s because when men are objectified it’s in a different way. Just look at Monday’s very popular twitter topic #ManCandyMonday.

    I think that what the video succeeds at doing is playing into stereotypes.

  3. MateoM says

    You’d think that by now all of Rick/Jason’s various aliases would have been banned from this site. And yet Adam is still here posting the same anti-femme, anti-women and anti-gay hate speech.

  4. Dean says

    Every day Towleroad serves up gratuitous male semi-nudity (almost always copied from someone else’s site.) I used to believe those posts were simply a sleazy effort to increase page views for ad sales, but now I understand that they represented an effort to protest the objectification of women.

  5. Joseph says

    I admire the intent, but the content is wrong-headed: the women wanted to turn the tables on the female objectification in the “Blurred Lines” video, but putting men in heels and makeup isn’t how MEN are objectified. Fail.