1. atomic says

    I watched this expecting it to be sexy, funny, or creative, but with the borderline exception of 0:53-0:55, it was none of these.

  2. atomic says

    @Derrick: if pro football players twerked, no amount of spandex reinforcement could contain their meaty buns….

  3. Brian in Texas says

    This is not meant to me LOL funny. It’s just supposed to be silly, fun, and cute. That is all.

  4. Zeta says

    Budding? Really? Miley Cyrus jerks her no-ass, and suddenly the mainstream thinks it invented something new which must be nurtured? Jesus Christ.

  5. Zeta says


    Posted by: John | Jul 11, 2013 5:42:22 PM

    I agree, but only because they just took videos of people booty dancing and dubbed over the real music. Lame.

  6. Pekemo says

    Twerking has been around for a solid number of years now.
    It’s not a budding dance form, it’s pretty much an established one.

    It’s kind of amazing how something only becomes “legit” once white people get a hold of it.

    And half of these queens aren’t doing it right.

  7. zeddy says

    Wow the boring sourpuss fatties on Towleroad in droves per usual. If it was some army dude in underwear dancing people’d be up in arms praising it.

  8. Albert says

    Like Pekemo says, twerking ain’t nothing new. Back in the 80s/90s, in Jamaica they called this bubbling, and some grannies were doing it better than some of these boys. Just like voguing was not something Madonna came up with, but was being done for a long time. Cue up “Paris is Burning” for that one.

  9. Junior says

    Zeta is a bigot everyone. A religious bigot and homophobe. Here’s what this nasty filthy bigot wrote in another post

    “Gay = Drama Queen. Pass.

    No one cares about sexual orientation, but being pushy about it is the fast way to getting non-gay people to form negative associations about it”

    You should read the bigots commentary on gay marriage. Type in zeta. Just another ghetto, hood rat, religious, bigot.