1. ratbastard says

    Yeah, we wouldn’t want any ‘misfits’ in the gay community. No square pegs in a round hole. We should all think and be as one big LGBT Queer Borg. That’s the ticket.

  2. ratbastard says

    Yeah, we wouldn’t want any ‘misfits’ in the gay community. No square pegs in a round hole. We should all think and be as one big LGBT Queer Borg. That’s the ticket.

  3. MateoM says

    Ignore the fake troll posting under my name. That is just the pathetic Little Kiwi trying to coopt my voice.

    I certainly don’t support this kind of degrading minstrel performance, any more than I would support blackface.

  4. MateoM says

    Ignore the second MateoM post.

    Rick/Jason has caught on to pointing out every time he posts under my name, so now he’s pretending that kiwi would for some reason post under my name. Everyone knows kiwi only posts under the various aliases of Rick because those aliases say awful things about the LGBT community, racial minorities and women. Rick/Jason is so pathetic in his trolling that he expects people to believe I would call him out and then parrot his own talking points.

    I love drag, and am friends with many drag performers. Willam is a delight and I love most everything he comes out with. And I’m seeing Jinkx Monsoon and Peaches Christ perform Grey Gardens in San Fran in October. So excited!!!

  5. MateoM says

    I’m not trying to troll. Rick/Jason insists on posting under my name. I have to call it out or people may actually believe I would say the horrible thing Rick/Jason says when posting under my name. It’s a crummy situation. I’m sorry about the multiple posts, but if Rick/Jason would just leave people alone we wouldn’t have a problem. Or if Andy just changed the commenting format. Then we could ban people like Rick/Jason.

  6. MateoM says

    I too want to apologize for multiple posts. But I can’t let the troll above get way with this. This is almost certainly the deranged Kiwi, who is constantly trying to promote drag and transgender stuff and who frequently posts under other peoples’ names. The guy has issues with treating others with respect. Andy should ban him.

    Anyway, there is nothing delightful about mocking women and gay men. That is never funny and it has no place in gay culture. I know the people who do this probably mean well, but it is still offensive and degrading. It is comparable to minstrel shows and blackface.

  7. MateoM says

    Ugh, I’m done with this thread. Despite the fact that I’ve made it clear that Rick/Jason is responsible for using my screen name, fake me continues to put this on Kiwi. I’ve already made my support of drag clear and at this point I have nothing more to say about the matter. Furthermore, I vehemently support my Trans brothers and sisters with my whole heart, a heart being what Rick/Jason/fake MateoM lacks.

    I apologize for the actions Rick/Jason/fake MateoM. It’s my fault for trying to contribute positively to Towleroad. Rick/Jason hates (and will not stand for) positivity on this site. And until Andy changes the comment format, Rick/Jason will win this battle.

  8. Robert says

    Hi Debs. Drag insults no one. It’s just drag. If you feel insulted by something that happens outside of yourself, you must look at your reaction, not the thing that you’re reacting to. ‘kay?

  9. gomez says

    kiwi, i believe it was you who started this asinine practice of imposter troll posting using rick’s name, n’est-ces pas? when you do are you a “coward with no spine” too?

    your self righteousness is breath taking

    ot: i would love to see this and generally love drag (and drag race), yet I see the validity in rick’s and deb’s points that it’s also minstrelsy (new word!)

  10. Debs says


    Um,no not kay. Are there no such thing as racist, sexist and homophobic insults? Is it all on the victim and his reaction? If these drag performers instead showed up in blackface and referred to themselves with the N-word, would you wag your finger at Black people and tell them to examine their own reactions, since that is where the problem lies? You might think that drag is not equivalent to racist minstrel acts, but that is different than saying that you can never feel insulted by something happening “outside of yourself.”

    Your privileged, arrogant attitude underscores the discriminatory culture in which drag thrives.

  11. MateoM says

    Little Kiwi,

    Thank you for the support. You are right that the fake MateoM is pathetic and has no life. Well said.

    I will keep standing up as a proud gay man against the degrading practice of drag. Gay men are men, not pseudo-women and not clowns. We shouldn’t make ourselves into circus clowns for the entertainment of straight people. We can be plenty funny without degrading ourselves, as you can see in any comic performance by NPH or any stand-up routine by openly gay comedians like Jim David.

    Anyone who engages in drag self-debasement suffers from internalized homophobia, whether they admit it to themselves or not.

  12. ripper says

    Gomez, imposter posting has been going on here long before Little Kiwi started commenting at Towleroad. It was effectively used to drive away an old troll named Tank. Sadly, it also drove off some of our popular commenters like Crispy.

    It’s all just a sign of this site’s ancient template.

  13. says

    i guess what i can take solace in remembering is that these cowardly anonymous hateful trolls are people you never interact with in the Real World. simply put, they don’t have the spines to live out loud and interact with other gay people.

    this, this commenting online anonymously, is literally their only gay outlet. and that’s sad.

    but it’s also not my problem 😀

  14. MateoM says

    Again, I’ve made it clear that I support drag. Rick/Jason continues to try and soil my screen name. But let’s be clear: Rick/Jason hates little kiwi, except (apparently) when he’s pretending to be me. Rick/Jason also hates drag, a difference that I continue to establish and a perspective that he continues to parrot in all of his posts under my name.

    People of Towleroad, if you want this taking over of threads by “trolls” and individuals fighting against them, send emails to Andy and ask him to change the commenting format. People who want to contribute positively to this site stand no chance if persistent and mean-spirited trolls like Rick/Jason are allowed to post under different aliases and destroy the online personas of users simply to eliminate enlightened conversation.

  15. gomez says

    @ripper. I remember the unpleasant tank but not the imposter posting under his name, though truth, my “trolling” here is sporadic. imposter trolling is exceptional weaksauce though i do enjoy popcorn watching the unpleasant rick turn the tables with this tactic. especially on the all mighty and holy, little kiwi, who is just fed up, everybody, FED UP.

  16. Rick says

    Gomez, are you Hispanic? Because everyone knows that gay Hispanics appreciate white drag. Anything to make proud white masculine men look stupid. It’s inherently recist.

  17. Rick says

    Notsafeforwork, since you’re obviously Little Kiwi just trying to block people like me from taking, you have no place to complain. Please everyone don’t fall for the little bald Canadian.

  18. D.R.H. says

    I’ve mentioned in posts and messaged Andy (not that he has to listen to me) that the comment format should change. It really allows for too much negativity from cowardly people. Make it social network based. That way people might actually be able to reach beyond here and connect. Just a thought.

    And Rick, you’re just gross.

  19. Rick says

    I agree with D.R.H. We need a new commenting format so effeminate liberals like Little Kiwi and gomez can’t post under my name. I’m sorry you all don’t like to hear the truth about the homophobia of women and the ignorance of minorities, but those things are accurate and I’m entitled to repeat these facts here.

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