1. Matt26 says

    He’s playing the alpha male very well. Didn’t like the ad, but him a lot.
    @RJP, I am different, I would also like to see him, not just feel… (I don’t like writing these dirty things, so why am I doing it.)

  2. tinkerbelle says

    The video is super-cheesy, the print ad worse, takes narcissisme for narcissisme’s sake to new heights…

    On the other hand, hot dude.

  3. bandanajack says

    for whatever reason, nick has a quirky half smile that doesn’t necessarily lend itself to this kind of advertising, the victory cup couldn’t possibly be cheesier, but nick is a good friend to the gay community and a funny guy, so more power to him. he probably thought the shoot was hilarious too.

  4. mike/ says

    people still use Paco Rabanne? wait! they still make Paco Rabanne? weird…

    oh, i don’t have a problem with tats, but people do a lot of just blue ones. i find the ones with color much more attractive……..

  5. Jason says

    This guy wants us to believe he’s straight. He’s appeared in numerous gay mags in nothing but his underwear and a smile. He’s such a stereotypical mincing queen and its disgusting.

  6. AriesMatt says

    David Beckham wishes he was as hot as Nick Youngquest. Damn he is a sexy man. Have had quite the collection of 99.9% nude shots of Nick for years now. Woof! Swoon!

  7. gomez says

    cheesy and over the top, the exploding player soccer players? lol. I like it! and bring nick unwashed straight to my private lockerroom. kthnx

  8. Rick says

    gomez, stop criticizing our masculine and sexy white brothers. Why does hispanic culture always feel the need to drag down positive white culture?

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