1. redball says

    i met donald faison once at his new year’s eve house party in manhattan. total biatch.

    i do believe he’s the only celeb i’ve ever met.

  2. china blu says

    I wish Donald hadn’t done that to his teeth. He looks worse than Grandma’s old false ones.

  3. Jerry says

    I know a friend whose mom’s dental hygienist met them at a cousins bar mitzvah and my friend said that he said that they said they were totally rude.

  4. Derrick from Philly says

    LOL….I used to like both of them until read everybody’s comments today. LOL

    Are they really that awful?

  5. DLRnATL says

    Said it incorrectly yesterday, so I will say it correctly today: “Zach Braff mania sweeps Zach Braff’s apartment.” American Dad!

  6. Strawberry says

    Granite pool with a glass of wine and the view of LA.

    How’s the Kickstarter fund coming for your next film Zach Braff?

  7. Mike says

    Individually they are ok. However, TOGETHER, they bloody well feed off each other. With that RARE chemistry they could go anywhere!