Zachary Quinto and Jonathan Groff Have Reportedly Split


Actors Jonathan Groff and Zachary Quinto have split up, according to Gossip Cop:

On Wednesday, a Perez Hilton “source” reported that things did “not end well” between Quinto and Groff, and that their split was “far from amiable.”

That characterization is not true, Gossip Cop can report. A source close to the situation assures us that “they remain friends,” and there is “nothing salacious” to the story.


  1. says

    Ok, see journalism still needs to be a thing. It isn’t more or less “true” to take one report-rumor over another. I get that this is probably just an inept choice of words but come on. It’s just sad.

  2. Rowan says

    Reality Chek,

    LOL, guess you don’t know many gay men then? Quinto has a terrible reputation…but not as a bottom.

    Seriously though, I know it’s the crazy interweb but sometimes there is this parallel universe happening between older gay men? And younger ones…? Or maybe I should say hipster?

    I don’t know the right words but I’ve noticed that there really is a segrgation and the old guard(mainstream,OBSESSED with bitchy women,gay charicatures) just don’t know what the hell to make of these news gays.

    I remember that pretty cool gay called ‘The New Gay’ and it was trying to show this other side of more creative open minded gays. It was refreshing but lol, so many gays got all sorts of upset.

    So pathetic.


    I don’t see either of them having a hysterical hissy fit and breaking up. More like heavily smoking pot and saying… well, it over. At least Zachary call that image. But who knows.

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