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A Guide to Awkward Gay Kissing: VIDEO


These may apply to straight couples as well, but for Ethan and Mark's purposes...

Watch (plus, a bonus Q&A), AFTER THE JUMP...


And here's a Q&A with the couple:

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  1. Very cute and adorable, but Enquiring Mind needs to know: Who's the Top?

    Posted by: Max | Aug 28, 2013 2:02:28 PM

  2. I feel horrible for thinking this but the first thing that came to my mind was something for Will & Grace:


    But seriously, very cute. Happy for them.

    Posted by: Jay M | Aug 28, 2013 6:16:01 PM

  3. "I have this mental image of the bitter comment queens here typing up their vitriol with one hand while they furiously masturbate with the other.

    Posted by: Joel | Aug 27, 2013 12:39:53 PM"

    So true! The jealous queens do not disappoint. I particularly loved the one about their diction being poor. They're from Indiana for chrissake, what the hell are they supposed to speak, received pronunciation? Yes, they are seeking attention. Guess what? That's what the millions of other people who self-publish on youtube are seeking, too.

    Posted by: EchtKultig | Aug 29, 2013 12:51:09 AM

  4. @Chris has a point about the perception of attractiveness. Chris also has a point about why gay boys and gay men would subscribe in the first place: the fluff comes first. It's a fact of life.

    I was saying 'Ball State? Really?' because of the double entendre in wearing that shirt, like Beaver State for straights. I used to drive up to Ball State on weekends. It's still weird to see it used for titillation instead of school pride.

    Posted by: Zeta | Aug 29, 2013 3:16:28 AM

  5. Am I the only one that noticed the couch that looked like something out of an Easter magazine?? And the fact that the guy with the tank's shirt matched said couch?? Such horrible gays!!, hahahaha

    Posted by: wheelie81 | Aug 29, 2013 7:33:53 AM

  6. If you can't just enjoy two cute young gay boys being silly together, you might be a bitchy old queen.

    Posted by: JONNY NYNY2FLFL | Aug 30, 2013 3:05:20 PM

  7. Please keep us posted on these two. The brunette hunky one will be stolen away by an affair.

    Posted by: Pip | Oct 7, 2013 10:18:00 PM

  8. I don't have an issue with these guys, I mean, Youtube is a free country. They're just boring.

    Posted by: Sam | Oct 20, 2013 3:08:28 PM

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