Alabama GOP Efforts to Silence Pro-Gay College Republican Chairwoman Fail

AlgopEarlier this month Towleroad reported that the Alabama Republican party was considering an amendment that would remove the current Alabama College Republicans Chairwoman Stephanie Petelos (pictured) from her post – simply due to her vocal favorable reaction to the Supreme Court's ruling on DOMA.

That amendment was voted down over the weekend, reports:

PetelosCommittee member Bonnie Sachs proposed the change saying steering committee members such as Petelos have a duty to publicly support the party’s positions, including those on marriage.

“This has never been about taking away anyone’s rights to freedom of speech as has been construed to the public and the media,” Sachs said. "If we are going to serve on the Republican steering committee, we need to do so in such a way that we don't go to the media with an agenda that we may have."

The motion died on a lopsided voice vote after a passionate debate that highlighted some of the party's divides.

Committee member Clay Barclay of Mobile said it doesn’t hurt to have differing opinions on some issues. “We’re not the Taliban. We’re not the Third Reich,” Barclay said.

Alabama Republican Minority Chairman Phillip Brown said, “It’s not about whether we support heterosexual traditional marriage or not. "It's about free speech."


  1. Mike Triggs says

    There might be hope for the Republican Party yet. But they seriously need to get off their focus on the gays, guns, abortion, contraception and redefining rape. Somehow, I don’t see them doing that. And that being the case, I hope they are prepared for a long string of election losses.

  2. Zach says

    Shouldn’t the article read “The Alabama GOP Votes Down Effort to Silence Pro Gay College Republican Chairwomen”?

    The way it reads now some outside group prevented the Alabama GOP from getting rid of her.

  3. northalabama says

    glad to see the al gop isn’t afraid of members who voice disparate views on social issues. i don’t see this becoming a national gop trend anytime soon.

  4. Hey Darlin' says

    Committee member Bonnie Sachs is showing her desperation. Instead of bringing a great reason for supporting her style of discrimination (note: there is NONE), she seeks to silence those with a differing opinion. Grand ol’ Bonnie has learned the republican rhetoric all too well.

    The republican party needs to take a closer look at why they would need to silence everyone they oppose instead of offering a suitable alternative. Because their only option IS discrimination at this point. What a :( world for those republicans STILL thinking the party will never progress. And yet the party somehow survived the progress they made on slavery, on the surface at least.

  5. john patrick says

    Some of the party leaders sound more like Communist rulers or church leaders. No wonder they want to squelch the votes of those who disagree with them.

  6. Tom Chicago says

    This is just life among cannibals. It’s to be expected that they will be slashing at one another until some stasis is reached and a new scapegoat is named.

  7. ian says

    “We’re not the Taliban. We’re not the Third Reich,” Barclay said.

    Yeah you are. Many times a denial like that is in fact an admission.

  8. andrew says

    Committee member Barclay said : “We’re not the Taliban”. Not yet Sir, but you are edging closer every day.