1. Mike Ryan says

    What can I say? The women deserves to be publicly held accountable for her racism and homophobia. She is disgusting. If she is employed she should be fired. If she is unemployed she should stay that way. She belongs in the gutter.

  2. Hagatha says

    Who cares? It’s a stupid show with a stupid demographic. Exactly who on that show do you think isn’t a racist?

    Meanwhile, you have some dumb ditch in Illinois be sayin dat da white cops be killin dem dark chidren. And SHE”S A F’in elected official? Has she been beat with the stupid stick?

  3. Jo says

    This show should be taken off the air! For all the garbage over Paula Deen saying what she did in the past? And she apologized! How dare they put garbage on the air like this! That girl should be ashamed of herself!

  4. JMC says

    I can’t believe CBS has given her such a positive edit.. they even made her look like a victim if bullying a few episodes back. I love Elissa even more now for antagonizing her. Her, Candice and Helen are the only housemates that aren’t morally repugnant… and unfortunately Candice (who has two moms!) is probably leaving the house next week.

  5. DavidinChelseaMA says

    Her gay comments were said WHILE ANDY WAS IN THE ROOM and “in on the joke,” so to speak, and when he wasn’t in the room, they were in jest, quite clearly. Seriously, just listen to it again, and pay really close attention. The feeds in that video compilation were sliced and diced to make her sound horrible, and not in context whatsoever, with respect to any homophobia. And there is nothing wrong with a straight person saying the term “fag hag” at all.

    However, the nappy hair comment WAS extremely rude, and could certainly be considered racist, and the comments about bashing Jessie were also horrible.

  6. Nethaera says

    It’s called taking things ‘in context’ people. If you actually watch the live feeds you see how she jokes all of the time. There was a running joke with everyone in the house talking about stereotypes with people telling Asian stereotype jokes to Helen’s face, gay jokes that Andy was totally in on, black jokes to Candice. I mean the list is a mile long. And ‘fag hag’ is a term used all of the time in the gay community. It’s not considered derogatory for women with lots of gay male friends to say they are one. You can make a racist video compilation of almost everyone in the house. Howard frequently used the word ‘retarded’ when he was referring to something he thought was stupid, so where’s his video? Yeah, they all need to wise up and stop making these jokes when they’re on camera, but 99% of all these so-called terrible things are being said in jest with no ill will meant behind them. I’m a bleeding heart liberal and even I think people have gotten waay too sensitive over the things said on BB this season. Some things said push the boundaries, yes, but let’s all get real about how we talk and joke with our friends in our private lives. My ex is black and I called him the dark knight all the time and he called me Casper because I’m really really pale. It’s the context. People need to chill out.

  7. michaelofthegreen says

    Yes, racist and homophobic, but what these clips show more than anything is her MISOGYNY. Jesus Christ, she is both a part of the problem, and a consequence of the problem. Any man that said the stuff that comes out of her woman-hating mouth would be run out of that show on a rail.

  8. Hagatha says

    These “reality” shows do little other than play on stereotypes. They often feature :

    The mouthy black chick.
    The unbearable born again christian.
    The bitchy gay man.
    The granola lesbian.
    The hottie straight white man.
    The evil straight white man.
    The handsome racially ambiguous man.
    The old guy who knows what he’s doing but poses a threat to the young guido.

  9. USC Trojans Fan says

    she’s vile, but every single cast member this season has made ignorant remarks about other demographics….yes, including the two black contestants. Candice, the black female in the house, has had some very ugly things to say about Asians/muslims and gays. They have all made HORRIFIC comments. every single one. Awful casting job.

  10. Jordam says

    everyone’s been saying on Big Brother blogs how they’ve been watching the feeds non stop for years now and yet the cast in 2013 is the most homophobic, racist and misogynistic in big brother history, which is so ironic but true.

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