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Amazing Stop-Motion Beard Tricks: VIDEO


Ben Garvin shows off his beard's amazing salad-tossing talents.


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  1. Beards are gross and are adopted by men trying to hide something. Shave. Everyday.

    Posted by: MARCUS BACHMANN | Aug 21, 2013 11:15:58 AM

  2. funny video. but that bushy beard was such a turnoff. then he shaved and i thought he was really cute. but then the light scruff arrived and he skyrocketed to HOT.

    guys. make an effort. groom your beards.

    Posted by: adam | Aug 21, 2013 11:32:31 AM

  3. Ha! That was really great.

    Posted by: Fenrox | Aug 21, 2013 11:36:11 AM

  4. actually marchus a study shows that bearded men are found much more attractive to women


    it would have been interestinge to have included homosexual males in the study and if more homosexual males also find beards more attractive than clean shaven faces

    besides; if you want to be with smooth then might as well be with a lady. Men are hairy, smelly, etc and why men are great

    admittedly the guy in this funny video didn't have the neatest most attractive beard but it was a funny vid

    Posted by: Moz's | Aug 21, 2013 11:38:23 AM

  5. Bushy beards are way hot. Grooming sometimes takes the hotness away.

    Posted by: Raybob | Aug 21, 2013 12:56:00 PM

  6. OMG that's disgusting! I can't help imagining how that smells. EEW Keep that nastiness to yourself.

    Posted by: Brian Stroup | Aug 21, 2013 1:46:46 PM

  7. Wow that was a delightful bit of old fashion movie magic.

    Posted by: jarago | Aug 21, 2013 5:35:20 PM

  8. That was fun, the music was perfect!

    Posted by: jsb | Aug 21, 2013 5:44:21 PM

  9. I wonder how much Brian's hair smells. He must think hair smells for a reason.

    Posted by: Mousie | Aug 21, 2013 7:53:58 PM

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