Author Of Russian Anti-Gay Law Goes After Critics

ElenaYelena Mizulina, chairperson of the Russian Duma’s Committee on Family, Women, and Children, who authored that nation's "Homosexual Propaganda" law which targets those who promote "nontraditional sexual relations" to children, has begun to target her opponents using the full investigative power of the Russian government, according to Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty. As previously reported, Mizulina has not only caused international outrage over the hateful anti-gay law, but more broadly, she has sparked an "active debate on what kind of sexual practices are regarded by the Russian authorities as "nontraditional," prompting Russian socialite and celebrity Ksenia Sobchak to make a joke at Mizulina's expense, echoing the belief held by many that Mizulina is "bent on eradicating oral sex in Russia":

"My husband and I … are thinking of filing our own suit against Mizulina
for insulting our private family life. The phrase ‘oral sex’ is so
firmly associated with Mizulina now that we no longer feel like having
it any more.”

However, shortly after making the remarks, Sobchak was interrogated by Russian officials. It seems, however, she's not the only person on Mizulina's black list:

Journalists Yelena Kostyuchenko and Olga Bakushinskaya, as well as
former Deputy Prime Minister Alfred Kokh, have also been questioned.

"Two lieutenant colonels from the Russian Investigative Committee
clarified for three hours details about Mizulina's gay-oral phobias and
my own relation to this," Kokh wrote on his blog.

SobchakSobchak said a dozen people are on what she branded the "Mizulina List."

Insulting an official is an offense in Russia that carries fines of up
to 40,000 rubles ($1,200) and up to one year of community service. Libel
is punishable by a fine of up to 1 million rubles ($30,000).

Internet users accuse the authorities of seeking to silence one of the last arenas of free speech in Russia.

The news agency Rosbalt says investigators asked for the names of
journalists who have written about Mizulina and denounced the request as
the first "attempt by a Duma deputy to interfere in the agency's
editorial policies" in its 12-year existence.

Meanwhile comedians have had a field day with Mizulina's actions, with one even generating a petition to "check [Mizulina's] mental health":

An online petition launched by stand-up comedian Yury Khovansky, who is calling for the
lawmaker to undergo a psychiatric evaluation, has already gathered more
than 60,000 signatures.

If signed by 100,000 people, the petition will be submitted to the State Duma.

"What she is doing, and this 'Mizulina List,' is an unprecedented threat
to freedom of speech," Khovansky says. "If people are now prosecuted
and fined for expressing their opinion on the actions of officials —
who are actually elected by the people — you can just imagine what will
happen to media freedom and openness more generally."


  1. vnv says

    it’s unfortunate but what would you expect from Russia, reminds me of a quote someone wrote on a previous post:

    “First they came for the socialists,
    and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a socialist.

    Then they came for the trade unionists,
    and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a trade unionist.

    Then they came for the Jews,
    and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a Jew.

    Then they came for me,
    and there was no one left to speak for me.”

  2. seriously says

    wow, that hag Mizulina looks like she never had an orgasm before, what’s wrong with her, is she a genophobe?

  3. ratbastard says

    Russia has terrible demographics. It’s a dying nation that at the moment is hanging on due to:

    Oil revenue

    Political influence it has due to it’s oil exports, especially with western Europe [particularly Germany]

    It’s mighty and powerful military, especially of course it’s nuclear capabilities.

    Russian policy is to encourage as much procreation as possible to try an alter it’s deadly demographic trend or negative population growth. In this respect they kind of remind me of the ancient Hebrews who knew they had to increase in numbers, which resulted in biblical ‘laws’ regarding men laying down with other men, etc.,

  4. Brian says

    Women tend to be very homophobic because male homosexuality proves that men are superior to women. Women especially fear the male homosexual act if it isn’t segregated, hence their fear of bisexuality in men.

  5. HadenoughBS says

    Just as I suspected: the Russian thought police are alive and well as they do the biding of this sexless homophobic Duma hag. And we all thought the practices of the Gestapo, KGB and Stasi were history. Silly us.

  6. Brian says

    A bisexual male represents de-segregated male homosexuality. Women fear this because it represents a de-shaming of the male homosexual act. Once we de-shame the male homosexual act, all straight guys will freely take part in homosexual acts, thus dis-empowering women.

    Women fear the fact that we can disempower them.

  7. Daniel Berry, NYC says

    Demagogues like Mizulina appeal to the lowest common denominator in a population by cynically playing on ignorance. She’s obviously a know-nothing, very much like the multitude of such figures seen in today’s Republican party. The good news is that they always overplay their hand–though it can take awhile–even longer in times of national anxiety, as in the post-911 US or in the increasingly dire situation in post-Soviet Russia.

  8. Onnyjay says

    You couldn’t possibly make this stuff up, a parody within a joke wrapped in — tee-hee — smut. Thank you Mizulina, best laugh I’ve had all morning. I’d kiss you, but necrophilia never appealed to me.

  9. you're a joke Brian says

    WTF @ Brian

    someone feels inadequate. maybe you feel ashamed to suck d!ck, doesn’t mean we all do.

  10. Rafael says

    This whole situation is a disaster for Russia. Even if they get the Winter Olympics and the 2018 World Cup. The spotlight is on its intellectually challenged Government.

  11. crispy says

    I knew this post would be catnip for Jason/Brian. END THE BISEXUAL DOUBLE STANDARD! Derp

    An old hag may have authored Russia’s hateful law, but it’s men who are committing violent atrocities in Russia. Homophobia is not restricted to a particular gender.

  12. Brian1 says

    The idiot Brian posting this stuff is Jason/Rick/Alan etc. using yet another name. I have no connection to him other than a mutual hatred.

  13. says

    Alekseev was interrogated on the same charges yesterday.
    They’re all being taken in and questioned for an hour or more about what they said on the net or twitter about oral sex and Mizulina.

    She needs to be put on the Magnitsky list AND banned from travel to Europe.

  14. Brian says


    Men may be committing anti-gay violence in most cases but it is women who direct it.

  15. you're a joke Brian says

    “Men may be committing anti-gay violence in most cases but it is women who direct it.” – Brian

    you just validated what crispy said – “Homophobia is not restricted to a particular gender.”

    so wtf was you’re point, none! you’re simply trying to mislead…so stfu!

  16. Taylor says

    It seems that perhaps in the same way that santorum became a word with new meaning all on it’s own that mizulina is also ripe for redefinition…

  17. jamal49 says

    @Ratbastard Bery astute comments. However, I suggest that Russia also has leverage In Europe and its former Soviet bloc allies because of its exports of natural gas, of which it possesses huge quantities.

  18. mike/ says

    you can be fined for saying something derogatory about an elected or public official in Russia? wow!

    even Joe McCarthy would be shaking in his boots with this woman! she makes his communist witch-hunts look tame. of course, he’d love the power she has…

  19. Terry says

    really who would have oral with her????? hahaha she is just a silly old cow how has probably never had sex EVER.

  20. ratbastard says


    Yes. They still can seriously blackmail their neighbors and the Europeans in various ways. And not just with oil and natural gas. Look what they did a while back with that plane crash that wiped out the Polish government. Accident? I doubt it. The Russians play hardball when they can. Their relations with the U.S. are very different from the way they interact with their neighbors and the Euros. With the U.S. they’re passive-aggressive and try and bluff.

  21. Jack M says

    A hateful woman living in a hateful country. Sooner or later, all those in power in Russia will turn on each other.

  22. newz4i says

    Yelena Mizulina is Russia’s Anita Bryant. Anita: What these people really want, hidden behind obscure legal phrases, is the legal right to propose to our children that theirs is an acceptable alternate way of life. […] I will lead such a crusade to stop it as this country has not seen before.

  23. Joe says


  24. Rick says


    Brian posted “A bisexual male represents de-segregated male homosexuality. Women fear this because it represents a de-shaming of the male homosexual act. Once we de-shame the male homosexual act, all straight guys will freely take part in homosexual acts, thus dis-empowering women.

    Women fear the fact that we can disempower them.”

    And he is absolutely right. Some of you cannot see the forest for the trees because we are in the midst of a massive social revolution–and really in the early stages of it. But this story and the story just above it on the two straight boys kissing are actually related.

    In the big picture, what is gradually happening is that the male culture is changing and the taboo against male homosexuality is disappearing. When it disappears, entirely, the social power base of women will disappear with it.

    Women can only attain power in society by manipulating men socially. Left to their own devices, in an evolutionary sense, they are no match for men. They therefore have to find a way to get men to do what they want them to do…..and that is impossible without men being emotionally, socially, and sexually dependent on them.

    Fortunately for them, the taboo against homosexuality has kept men from developing strong emotional bonds with each other and prevented them from expressing themselve sexually with each other….and the penalty for violating that taboo was total social exclusion.

    And that is the social construct that women need and want to keep intact…..which is what this woman’s manifesto represents.

    Many gay men are confused because traditionally, straight men, responding to the homosexuality taboo, were totally hostile to them while SOME women were less hostile to them and even engaged them in a friendly, albeit condescending and unequal, way. But that old paradigm is being completely dismantled….and as it is, you are seeing women becoming more hostile to us and men less so.

    That trend is only going to continue going forward, until a breaking point is ultimately reached that makes it clear to everybody that the interests of homosexual men and men in general do not coincide at all with those of women and feminists…..and are in fact diametrically opposed to them.

    Time will tell.

  25. crispy says


    No, wait. We need a new acronym to cover Rick’s posts:

    td;dr (too dumb, didn’t read)

  26. Rick says


    I don’t know what you mean exactly when you say “Russia has terrible demographics”. If you mean they have a low birth rate, they do, but so does the rest of Europe and so do whites in North America.

    Of course, the real reason for low birth rates in the “white” countries is that the “liberated woman” that feminism has created is more focused on “empowerment” and “self-fulfillment” than reproducing the species and responsibly caring for children.

    Until that problem is dealt with and the ill effects of feminism on society are acknowledged and feminism as an ideology has been totally discredited as a consequence, then those low birth rates will continue to plague the white race and ultimately lead to very serious consequences (negative ones) for the entire world.

    If Russia would take that step, it would be great….but the actions of this woman and the support of her by the powers-that-be suggest that they are more interested in scapegoating and trying to pretend that male homosexuality and male intimacy are the cause of the problem, when in reality, it is the selfishness and irresponsibility of women–and the willingness of men to let them get away with such selfishness and irresponsibility–that is the cause of the problem.

    Russia’s strenght, going foward, though, is that it has not allowed the Third World hoards to enter it, the way the US, Britain, and much of western Europe have….so in that sense, it has excellent demographics if the long-term goal is a stable, successful society.

  27. dean says


    Okay moron supremus…little glitch in your typical insane ranting;

    What about the Lesbans? You have a crackpot theory for them as well?
    Are they De-segregating homosexuals too?

    Or do you just ignore them cause they don’t fit your BS Theory.

    Y’all know what I think?

    Miss Rick/Brian/Alan whatever tried very hard to get a Ph.d in psychology using his ‘theory’ as a basis for his Thesis…

    …And he was rejected. Yep. So he comes here, lays out his BS over and over and over again, hoping that one day someone will repeat it thereby justifying his rejected intellectual GIGO.

    And because it is NOT HAPPENING, NOT CATCHING ON, ( read; no one is buying it) Rick has invented these other aliases to pretend as if his ‘Thesis’ is ackwowledged by anonymous others.

    Truth is, Mr. ‘de-segregated Homosexual’, your thesis was crap when you presented it, and it’s even MORE CRAP every time you try to fit some LGBT news story into your thesis.

    Give it up. You are wrong and NO ONE recognizes your ‘thesis’ ANYWHERE IN ANY INTELLECTUAL SETTING IN THE WORLD.

    Now piss off troll.

  28. says

    Of course, Rick, because in the dimwitted misogynist kingdom the ignorant sow Yelena Mizulina = all women on earth.

    Keep fighting the one-man (blahblahblah) revolution!

  29. Rick says

    @Dean You ask what about lesbians?

    Well, what about them?

    Lesbianism is far more tolerated than male homosexuality….and lesbians are far more accepted in the power establishment than gay men are (and anybody in the corporate sector knows this)…..largely because the same culture that forces men to be distant from each other emotionally encourages women to be intimate with each other emotionally

    Moreover, lesbians regard themselves as women and feminists first, and “gay” only insofar as they find it practically in their self-interest to work with gay men to get legislation passed. Trust me, if you asked most lesbians to choose in a primary between a straight woman who is a feminist and a gay man who has exactly the same positions on the issues, they will take the straight female feminist every time. So they really are not our friends, either. Once the need for a political alliance to pass mutually beneficial legislation is no longer there, you can rest assured that lesbians will have no use for us or other men…and will behave accordingly…..and would be more than happy to see a social matriarchy in which women enjoy emotional and sexual freedom with each other, while men do not.

    The whole concept of LGBT is nothing but a fiction.

  30. JMC says

    lmao I’m cackling at Rick’s prediction of a dystopian future where feminist lesbians rule over men with an iron fist

    he’s towleroad’s funniest troll for sure

  31. szandor says

    Some of you cannot see the forest for the trees – Rick

    That’s funny coming from someone who’s hiding in the branches.

  32. Derrick from Philly says

    LOL @ “tl;dr

    No, wait. We need a new acronym to cover Rick’s posts:

    td;dr (too dumb, didn’t read)”

    Posted by: crispy | Aug 15, 2013 11:35:17 AM

    Yes, CRISPY,

    I only read about two sentences of Rick’s looney posting, and even then I wanted to smack the sh.t out of myself.

  33. Brian1 says

    I think it’s cute when Rick quotes his other alias Brian approvingly, then follows up with another approving post from another alias, Alan. It’s like watching comment masturbation.

  34. Cassandra says

    Well Russia, you are starting to reap what you sowed – you allowed the degradation and domination of a minority, GLBTQ people, and now, Mizulina’s lust for domination is spreading.

    Given an evil person any opening at all to work evil, and they’ll take it as far as they can, to hurt as many people as they can.

  35. andrew says

    The Russian authoritarians are feeling the heat. Ridicule is an excellent response to political wingnuts like Mizulina in Russia, just as it is to the extremist Republican wingnuts in the USA.

  36. says

    “Russia’s strenght, going foward, though, is that it has not allowed the Third World hoards to enter it, the way the US, Britain, and much of western Europe have….so in that sense, it has excellent demographics if the long-term goal is a stable, successful society.”

    LOL and BRIAN/RICK (whichever) proves he knows as much about Russia as he does about women and men and LGBTQ issues.

    Russia is a multiethnic country where hundreds of languages are spoken. It doesn’t have to “let hoards [sic] enter it” because it already includes many ethnicities from Chechens and Tatars to Buryats and Kalmyks. The ignorance of the facts grows more stunning every day.

    And by the way, the same people — officials and street gangs — that are cracking down on gay people are also cracking down on migrants. The neo-Nazis and clerico-fascists hate them all.

    And as to “excellent demographics,” in Russia??? where do I start?

  37. Roman Bolliger says

    This Mizulina witch is real and much more evil than Dolores Umbridge in Hogwarts. Russia is being invaded by the deatheaters and Putin is their Voldemort.

  38. Buckie says

    On the bright side, look at the bravery of Russians !

    60 thousand signatures !

    Russian comedians are leading the way, sound familiar ?

    We’ve seen how change happens, it’s no mystery, it’s happened here and elsewhere in similar ways.

    The response from the government shows they’re running scared, because they fear losing the cultural war there !

    Sound familiar ?

    Yeah, I’m an optimist at heart, I admit it, and this kind of thing gets me excited and so hopeful for Russia !

  39. Joe in Ct says

    She and Maggie Gallagher should meet for tea. I’m certain they would adore one another.

  40. Rick says

    “lmao I’m cackling at Rick’s prediction of a dystopian future where feminist lesbians rule over men with an iron fist”

    I did not predict that. I said lesbians WOULD BE more than happy to see a social matriarchy that allowed women emotional and sexual freedom with each other and denied it to men.

    But as I said, women can never be truly empowered without the cooperation of men; men, on the other hand can, as a group, do pretty much anything with and to women that they want……as the last few decades in Iran have demonstrated.

    So defeating feminism and liberating men is simply a matter of men deciding as a group that that is what they all want (or what the vast majority want)…..and when they do, the proper consequences will follow.

    And let there be no doubt that the “bromance” phenomenon we are witnessing is the first manifestation of the revolution that is quietly taking place….one that will ultimately free all men from their dependence on women……and which will, at the same time, destroy the “gay” culture of effeminacy and even the very notion of “gay” in the process (which of course is why you see the hostility towards my comments from all the queens who have invested so heavily in being pseudo-women, as the culture of effeminacy has instructed them to).

  41. Rick says

    I’ve been waiting for a story like this to pop up all day because if there’s one thing I hate more than openly-gay men who actually enjoy the company of other openly-gay men, it’s women. I hate women. Do you want to know why? I’ll tell you – my father, despite a gas problem that left him smelling a bit like corn nuts and cow dung, had one of the largest scrotums i’d ever seen. And i loved to sniff it after he’d spent a long day raping the neighborhood kids. But my selfish man-hating effeminate mother never let me. So it’s her fault, and I never got over it.

    Do you people see how badly this has messed me up? It splintered me into many pieces; not only are none of those pieces proud gay men, they’re all complete losers. I have a dozen losers living inside my head, which I occasionally let out on Towleroad to vent my puny-penile frustrations.

    Women and effeminates and liberals are all running around doing things and me and my many shadows sit here hating of all it.

    I especially hate whenever there are stories about non-gay people accepting gay people and trans people. Nothing makes me angrier than seeing what I’ve never known – love and support.

  42. zygoth says

    But as I said, women can never be truly empowered without the cooperation of men; men, on the other hand can, as a group, do pretty much anything with and to women that they want……as the last few decades in Iran have demonstrated. – Rick

    from what I understand the oppression of women in Iran is do to their religious beliefs & I think your point about how it’s ok for men to do this to all women simply because Iran does it is extremely stupid.

  43. Rick says

    And before some troll effeminate liberal limp-wrist comes in with his usual screeching that I “show myself” and “prove it” and provide some URL where I show you all how manly I am, NO, I will not now nor will I ever do that.

    I’m not openly gay, and I’ve never even kissed a guy, and I’m still terrified of people thinking that I’m gay, so I just stay inside.

    And it’s all because of you liberal effeminacy-loving gays who wish you were women. I can’t come out and be openly gay and it’s your fault for coming out and being openly gay.

  44. Rick says

    To the mentally sick commenter who has been posting in my name and slandering my father in the process, you are a truly sick individual.

    He was a great man and when he took his teeth out he gave the best head I’ve ever received. Also, the only.

  45. Kev C says

    Russia is a dysfunctional joke of a country. Should we actually take their feeble attempts at law and order serious – or should we just laugh and say: whatever, f-off?

  46. Buckie says

    Ugh, Gay Male Misogyny is hardly something to be proud of.

    Just because you hate your mummy doesn’t mean every woman is out to kill us. Yeah, sure, there’s an extremist element to every movement – BECAUSE THERE HAS TO BE TO GET PEOPLE TO PAY ATTENTION.

    And Russia is important, underestimate that significance and you’re just setting yourself up for a very ugly reality-check in the not necessarily so distant future.

    A perusing of the TR gay news today shows a great deal of dysfunction here in our own country.

    Nationalism blinds people pretty effectively though…

  47. JG says

    She should be on “The View” You can joke about all the sex she’s “never had,” but she certainly is dominating the conversation.

  48. Bare Craks In The Barracks says

    Where’s that Russian firing squad when ya need um. – Name

    too busy sucking each others d!cks to see if someone gets an erection so they can arrest them for being gay….duh!

  49. Robert M. says

    Amazing, I never knew a woman’s face could look just like the wrinkly but end of a Charpé. Guess she was standing at the front of the line to get hit with the ugly stick, in more ways than just her face.

  50. George Hoye says

    Russia’s anti-gay law is a hate crime! It is an assault on the lives of all LGBTQ people as well as their families, friends and supporters.

  51. andrew says

    Can Towleroad do nothing to prevent Rick and his aliases and Little Kiwi and his aliases from posting hateful and vulgar things about one another and thereby ruining the value of this site?

  52. Daniel says

    Belgium should deport her adult son back to Russia, if Russia is such a great place for people. She is just angry that people now consider her to have committed crimes against gay children, and she has no real power to stop the backlash. Genocide committed by politicians is evil.

  53. zar says

    Advocates of homosexuality (regardless of if they are not homosexual) argue that free will is the basis for all freedoms man enjoys. They argue that God created everyone to be equal.

    Unfortunately, they use God and man’s free will in ways that defy God’s laws regarding human relations and also regarding what forms free will.

    If someone opposed to homosexuality cites God’s law as to why homosexuality is forbidden, they are backward, homophobic, conservative, etc. I

    If we agree God exists, and His laws supersede that of man, and His laws are more perfect than man’s laws, then we can judge homosexuality by God’s law, i.e. an abomination that is abhorred and forbidden.

    For those who state that God’s law enjoins equality, consider that God’s laws regarding homosexuality is the same in all three monotheistic religions.

    The story of Sodom and Gomorrah is the gold standard by which we can gauge God’s view on the immorality of homosexuality.

    That He found the people of Sodom and Gomorrah to be so un-redeemable, he destroyed them by scooping the earth under them and turning them over to bury them alive.

    If His laws forbidding homosexuality is not enough and His punishment for those who indulged in it is not enough, then nothing will convince the naysayers.

    Unfortunately, the naysayers have moved from strength to strength in the last 20 years. Slowly, but surely, they have indulged in a concerted, deliberate and poisonous brainwashing of the public that;

    Homosexuality it not a disease;
    Homosexuality is normal;
    Homosexuality is part of the human condition;
    Homosexuality should not be forbidden;
    Homosexuality should be discussed in schools;
    Homosexuality does not preclude two gays or two lesbians from raising children as family;
    Homosexuality should not be a cause for forbidding two lovers to marry, and the list goes on.

    Basically, because of their slow erosion of society’s defenses and value systems, society at large will suffer for it.

    God does not look upon kindly at those who did not fight tooth and nail against the abomination that he strictly forbade.

    So for anyone on here defending the right of homosexuality, you’re in the wrong of it, no matter which way you try to rationalize.

    Unless you’re able to circumvent God’s law, there’s nothing you can say or do to make homosexuality kosher in any way.

  54. andrew says

    @ZAR: Listen Bible Believer, unless you are calling for the stoning to death of those who work on the Sabbath, commit adultery, curse their parents, act as fortune tellers, worship gods other than yahweh, etc. etc. which your “holy” bible demands, you should SHUT UP!!! You are just another cafeteria Christian who searches through the bible for things you can use against people whom you already hate, and you ignore all the things you don’t agree with or have the courage to call for in a civilized country! Get lost you PHONY!!!

  55. Jerry6 says

    @ZAR When your “GOD” proves his (or it’s) existence, and tells us what HE (or IT) wants us to do, I think I will continue to believe in the general goodness of “Man” as a species and follow the simple belief and practice of “Live and let Liv.” Frankly, I could care less about what my neighbors do in bed at night.

  56. mododavid says

    If it weren’t so Orwellian, I suggest a laugh at the real-life Delores Umbridge. Or should it be Delores Umbrige-inski.

  57. Mark says

    The quote provided earlier was said by a Lutheran pastor in Germany who was killed by the Nazis.