Random Audience Member Picked by Kristin Chenoweth Stuns Hollywood Bowl with Voice: VIDEO

The following clip is one that has gone viral and shows Horn going up on stage as well but the one above has a better shot of the moment:

Horn's full account of the experience is HERE.


  1. scott says

    LOVE her :) a genuinely kind, incredibly talented, beautiful, disciplined, humble artist.

    Even if you don’t enjoy Wicked, she’s done many other great Broadway shows, operas, films, etc. And with all that, she’s an incredible LGBT ally, all while remaining true to her faith- which sends a signal that you don’t have to give up on faith to be kind and/or just not be mean to gay people.

  2. Jerry says

    Jeez, you’d think this was a big deal.

    There are plenty of people in the world who are talented performers that just aren’t famous for whatever reason. Every black church choir in the country has at least one. They can’t all be Aretha Franklin-famous.

  3. alex says

    If ever there was a time for “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all”, this is it. There’s a huge difference between singing in church and singing in front of 10,000+ people with in a duet with a Tony winner.

  4. John says

    That was truly lovely. ‘Twould warm the cockles of the coldest heart.

    P.S. Look to Russia: the LGBTQIA community cannot afford the luxury of being petty and mean. Please don’t waste your valuable time and freedom being as malicious as those who delight in our pain.

  5. gr8guya says

    After seeing Cirque du Soleil, where every random person pulled from the audience is a plant, I was suspicious. But I guess not.

    So, does this now become a Susan Boyle moment. Does she get an
    invitation to sing on the Tonight Show, etc?

  6. James says

    If you check You Tube you will see many different ‘random’ audience members joining Kristen from previous concerts and every one of them nail it. The concert I saw in Chicago was the same. Maybe they’re regular people, but they’re not randomly selected in the moment.

  7. E. Thor Carlson says

    The same thing happened at her Saturday show at the Bowl. The woman was a musical theater major from Boston. She wasn’t perfect, but was good.

  8. JWL says

    Kristin’s people invite people beforehand to have a shot at it, but they don’t know anything about their talent level or anything else. They just pray that the people actually know then song as they say they do and hope for the best. After you see this a few times and hear it go awry you know when you see a moment like this that it is really special.

  9. jackJake says

    oh shut up ALEX.. take ur melodrama to the 700 club.. this song, and music like it is awful, plain and simple. it’s a bunch of repressed people who need overly maudlin, absurdly generic music to make them feel something..

  10. Ryan says

    The only thing that has me a little suspicious is the harmony. I suppose it’s possible that she was such a fan of the show that she knew it well enough and was a practiced singer (in general) enough to do that well… but even so, they were nearly perfect in the harmony parts and that stuff — even for professionals — usually takes at least a little practice.

    Then again, I can’t say that I haven’t joined in spontaneously with others singing and sang in harmony. Rarely. It’s very, very hard.

  11. turrino says

    pretty awesome. The only thing a bit sad about this is that someone like Kesha or Britney who can’t sing make millions and this talented woman will have to settle for this one shot at glory (albeit which was brilliant).

  12. Quicksilver says

    @RYAN Like two women with academic vocal training have no idea how to hit the same pitch at the same time. You and GB need to GTFO and go back to your DVR of the “spontaneous” VMAs. FN losers.

  13. Bobby says

    Jerry is the perfect example of what’s wrong with people today.

    I love Kristin and this clip was inspiring and joyful and made my heart fill with love. Too bad nasty people feel the need to comment on it.

  14. MammaBear says

    I think it’s nice that they are at least somewhat upfront about the screening – the girl who did it in Toronto was excellent as well. Is it ever a train wreck?

  15. John says

    I would have enjoyed the performance more if the idiot hadn’t screamed though most of it. I feel sorry for the people who paid good money for the show and sat near her and couldn’t hear the show through her screaming during the best parts

  16. ALLIE says

    As an usher for Broadway theatres (though not a complete musical theater fan like some of my coworkers), I wonder why people are SO SURPRISED that someone who attends a performance for a musical theater star, who gets onstage to sing a song from a popular musical and wholly admits that she is a vocal teacher would be great. It’s not like she said she was a plumber or something.

    After reading some comments I did look around youtube, but clearly Sarah Horn had the best control, and she is ON POINT. Which is awesome.

    My point is: people do know these songs really well, some people are great at karaoke even and yet some people suck or don’t have that sort of clear pitch control. Miss Sarah was outstanding. She’s random in the sense that she isn’t famous, though she is definitely talented. I would wager she’s probably a fine vocal teacher since she totally nailed it. Brava!

  17. Kevin G says

    I was there Saturday night and guess what, another brunette, in emerald green, that could sing, harmonize and knew the words also was chosen to go up on stage. My husband and I got to the bowl early to picnic, we’re there quite often, and never saw anyone in emerald green (let alone brunette) in the area – it would have been obvious.

    Was talking with friends last night, actual Broadway people, and they all think something was fishy. Catch that she says she smuggled in crackers and cheese in her purse?! But sat in a $200 box?! They serve you dinner in those seats (I’ve sat in them). Even if she was supposed to sit somewhere else, no one has to smuggle in food to the bowl, you picnic and drink anything you want.

    Something is fishy for sure, and as many have said Kristen has done this before and it always works miraculously?!

    BUT, that doesn’t negate that she was an awesome singer and this duet (and that on Saturday) was amazing. And Kristen rocked it even more outside this duet.

  18. Topol says

    A friend who attended the concert the following evening reports that the same thing happened with another music teacher. Kristen was “surprised” again, and even used the same lines: “Oh my, harmony!”

  19. LOL says

    Kristin Chenoweth thinking “Hey bit*h I brought u up here to sing like Taylor Swift pitchy and out of tune. Don’t come up here to like that and try to steal my thunder.”

  20. circuitmouse says

    Random, or pre-chosen…
    …this was not some television game show from the 1950s. It was, however, that rare song that when taken from the source musical provides a moving number…
    …and in this particular instance, an enjoyable, unexpected moment for the audience.
    If it didn’t move you, don’t worry. Someday your song will come along. But don’t tell other people what they are or aren’t allowed to enjoy.

  21. singingma says

    This was random, it was not preplanned, go to one of the links about what Sarah said happened. This is a community theater actress as well as a music teacher (as I am, we are friends) and she is the genuine article folks.
    Sarah was one of a few asked beforehand if she knew the song. The only other one who knew Elphaba’s part was a guy and Kristin said she wanted to have a gal sing it.
    We’ve had people who went professional come out of LifeHouse Theater before, look up the Livesay brothers (Nolan and Jason) on YouTube. We have nothing to do with their fame, but we delight when it comes their way.

  22. Doug says

    Wonderful. I love this song. And what a joy not only to see two fine voices sing it, but to recognize that there is talent among us, everywhere just waiting for a moment in the sun. Inspiring.

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