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Chicago Cardinal Francis George Says Gay Marriage is an Irrational Concept

Cardinal Francis GeorgeAs pressure builds for Illinois lawmakers to take up the failed gay marriage bill again in the fall, opponents will be doubling down in an attempt to stop the inevitable expansion of equality. Chicago's Catholic Cardinal, Francis George (pictured right), is one of those longtime foes, having released a letter back in January telling parishioners to demand lawmakers put a stop to the 'redefinition' of marriage

In an interview with the Chicago Sun-Times on Monday, Cardinal George reiterated his anti-gay position, saying you don't need faith to see the faults in same-sex marriage.

"This is first of all a rational issue before it's a faith issue. That is, it's nature that tells us what marriage is, that in marriage, men and women aren't interchangeable. We didn't invent marriage. The church didn't invent marriage. Nature gives us marriage. The Chinese are not Americans, and they're not Catholic. They know what marriage is. Where did that come from?"

Perhaps Cardinal George should check out this handy little guide to the 8 types of 'traditional marriage' in the Bible before diving any further into the 'rational' arguments against gay marriage.

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  1. George has to rely heavily on black evangelical preachers and their congregations for support because he has little support on this issue among catholics.
    I love the fact that he has so little moral authority with catholics, most of whom do not listen to him when it comes to gay marriage, contraception or abortion.
    So, he has to turn to preachers who agree with him on gay marriage and can still muster support from their congregations.
    George: the floor has fallen out from under you. Move on. If you can't muster you're own people, you're not a credible leader.

    Posted by: woody | Sep 1, 2013 3:48:26 PM

  2. Belief in a "God", of the type espoused by Religious leaders is "Irrational".

    Posted by: Jerry6 | Sep 1, 2013 10:20:11 PM

  3. "Who am I to judge?" Do you know who said that line, Cardinal? Your boss, Pope Francis. Maybe you should listen to your boss. Quit disrespecting your boss. It is an embarrassment not only to yourself, but to the organization you represent.

    Posted by: millerbeach | Sep 2, 2013 2:00:06 AM

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