1. David in the O.C. says

    Good looking guy. Ironically, the backup dancers make him look less attractive by comparison. — Sadly, he isn’t a very good singer, and the lyrics are inane. If he actually wants to be taken seriously as an artist, he might want to put his shirt back on.

  2. woodroad34d says

    While I appreciate his backstory, he does sort of resemble a power bottom from Falcon Studios (not a bad thing, actually…just sayin’). I wish him a better choice of songs in the future, though, without the autotune.

  3. Tony Diaz says

    B-A-D as in not Good artisically on so many levels from vocals to lyrics to the “workout” choreography – LOL. Gay is the new Black. Nice eye candy, though. I wish him the best.

  4. Sam says

    Hot guy on the model, actor, dancer catagory. Chris must demonstrate more of his vocal talents and range than here to further his musical aspirations. I wish him luck.

  5. Sam says

    Kind of bad, musically. Dull lyrics. Overall, pop trash stuff.

    That said, go with your dreams. You made it to Towleroad. Even if it turns out to be the end of the road.

  6. Bobby says

    Fun to look at and probably a great dance tune. And I’m with CD in DC, board shorts are over. Start showing some leg men, screw what other people think. Board shorts are shorts, they’re mediums. 😉

  7. Reality Chek says

    The whole time I’m watching this video, I’m thinking to myself “this can’t be real, it must be a spoof of dance music”. Unfortunately, it wasn’t. Ok, first, the lyrics are just inane and stupid “I’m taking back my personal power” or something like that???? His voice is weak. The choreography looks like it was done by an aerobic instructor who dreams of being a dance choreographer. I have not doubt these guys are all huge girly queens, butching it up as best they can for this video. They are now all wearing their fuzzy slippers and bathrobes, exhausted.

  8. Bryan says

    It’s difficult to judge which is more inane: the music, the video, the singer, or the comments here.

    Gay culture is dead. I’m becoming an Episcopalian.

  9. GMB says

    There are two hundred out gay men working in Broadway choruses who both sing and dance better than this guy… why are so few of them trying to make careers as gay pop artists?

    Maybe because if you aren’t muscular and shirtless, gay blogs like Towleroad won’t promote you. If you are, it doesn’t really seem to matter how bad your song is. Just ask Steve Grand, or Ari Gold, or Colton Ford. All hot, all rather unimpressive, vocally. All promoted here.

    Adam Lambert came from that world, but if it weren’t for American Idol, I doubt we still would have heard of him. Gavin Creel came from that world, too, but why hasn’t the LGBT community picked up Gavin’s music? He’s an amazing singer.

    Do you have to be muscle-bound and porny to get attention on a gay blog?

  10. Jeff says

    I hope he didn’t throw out his economics degree. At first I thought there’s something wrong with my device so I let the video play. My phone is fine, he is awful. i

  11. Keith says

    Whew! The whole time I was watching the video, I was thinking “What if I’m riding in a car with a hot younger man (my preference) and he insists on playing awful music like this?” Could I fake it? I think not! Give me Steve Grand (gladly!) any day. Relieved to see 99% of other commenters agree.

  12. TheSupremes says

    This is how the conversation went:

    Munroe: “Hey, do you guys want to be my backup dancers?”

    Two Queens: “Hell yeah! (snap). We can wear matching outfits, like Destiny’s Child”

    Munroe: ooh gurl, yesss!

  13. Buckie says

    Uhm, musically, like most of the “music” in the genre, it is simply putrid. And his voice and style are less than mediocre.

    I’m sure he’s very popular with people like him.

  14. Tatts says

    Cute guy. Bad music with no structure and words that don’t fit.

    And it looks like somebody got a new video editor for Xmas and just discovered the mirror effect. Sheesh.

  15. BrentH says

    The level of narcissism here is disturbing. Since he has nothing to offer as a singer, dancer or songwriter, this looks instead like an excuse to see himself writhing around shirtless and reap the momentary rewards of favourable internet comments on his physique.

    I looked around to see how many other sites had posted this and all of them are only commenting on his hotness. The rewards may be fleeting for Munro, but they’re even more fleeting for me/the audience his looks have garnered him, because I can click away and get something sexier and more rewarding on my favourite porn site in no time flat.

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