1. Lymis says

    In other words, he’s claiming Ft. Leavenworth won’t protect Manning from getting repeatedly raped – which, after all, is what being a woman is all about. What a tool.

  2. Dana says

    Lol! I like this guy.

    I think humor and mockery are the best responses to trans activist craziness. They can prattle on with their bizarre demands. They can invent new words like zie and zir and cis. They can even try to brand gay people as LGBT and demand that gay people do their bidding.

    But in truth they are just a tiny band of nuts. A few hundred thug activists representing a very tiny population. Don’t appease them. Laugh at them.

  3. andrew says

    I think that Manning deserves the prison sentence he got. I KNOW that Richard Herman’s comment tells us that he is a vulgar man. His comment might be understandable, if made in a bar to some pals after a few drinks. It is not the kind of comment made by a respectable person on CNN. He should not be invited back again as a paid “talking head”.

  4. enough says

    This used to be an interesting and informative site, but now it is almost completely geared toward transsexual issues. Buh bye.

  5. says

    In russia, nazis are raping gay men (for some odd reason, they think being a gay rapoist is better then being gay).
    I thought USA was a little better than that. But obviosly there are plenty of people who think that some human beings deserves to be raped, just because they are different.


  6. JMC says

    Almost all of the coverage of Chelsea’s gender identity has made my skin crawl. So many scumbags saying such ignorant, vile and hateful things and going completely unchecked.

  7. says

    Nobody deserves to be raped. Substitute anyone else’s name with Chelsea Manning’s name and the person saying that would never, ever appear on CNN again. But it is still fine to condone the rape of a trans person, right?

  8. don't a tell la says


    “This used to be an interesting and informative site, but now it is almost completely geared toward Caca issues. Buh bye”

    We can’t win the fight for EQUALITY if we don’t include trans.

  9. Zeta says

    I think that Manning deserves the prison sentence he got. I KNOW that Richard Herman’s comment tells us that he is a vulgar man. His comment might be understandable, if made in a bar to some pals after a few drinks. It is not the kind of comment made by a respectable person on CNN. He should not be invited back again as a paid “talking head”.

    POSTED BY: ANDREW | AUG 24, 2013 6:07:17 PM

    I agree completely. That comment was unacceptable.

  10. Thomas Cardellino says

    What’s it like to be a trans person before gender reassignment? I can’t say exactly from my own life experience as a gay man, but I do recall how uncomfortable I felt so very often before I came out. To me, it seems, if you take just your one most humiliating experience you as an LGB person had to endure before coming out, my guess is that feeling trapped inside a body that is not your heart and mind’s gender must be a million times worse, not just once but each and every day. For any member of the still-oppressed worldwide LGBTI population, to bad mouth out of sheer ignorance and lack of empathy any other oppressed minority than your own Private Idaho is unforgivable, ugly and unworthy of any oppressed person whose oppression is based on immutable traits. Anti-trans lesbians, bisexuals and gays (I can’t even understand why I have to state this on this “homosexual tendencies” website!) should have their heads examined, seriously, in a good productive way. Perhaps then their internalized self-loathing won’t be hurtfully transferred upon other folks just trying to live the best lives that they can. Isn’t that fundamental to being an American?

  11. crazycorgi says

    While I NEVER agree with anything that is spouted by the A*holes at Fox “news” I do have to say that I find it repulsive that Bradley Manning claims that he leaked documents to that site because he has gender identity issues. I also do not feel that it should be up to taxpayers to pay for his sex change operation or hormone therapy while he is in prison. One thing that I can agree with that was said, if he wants to transition he should pay for it, like every other transgender person does.

  12. Wake up!!! says

    I’m sorry, no matter how vulgar his comments, he does have somewhat of a point. Manning decides he has gender issues after being caught? No, I’m sorry but you will not use the system this way under any circumstance. Before anything else he had a “CHOICE” as to right and wrong, he “CHOSE” to do the wrong thing. How dare he blame it on gender identity problems! His reason was simple: Treason.

  13. Harris says


    You really ought to be ashamed of yourself. Directly comparing gay men with transsexuals is a longstanding homophobic argument. And claiming that gay people form a single population with hermaphrodites only further exposes your mindset as one of the 19th century, not the 21st century.

    Please stop promoting ancient lies about gay people.

  14. Rocco says

    I do find it repulsive and shocking to encounter such vitriol here against black and trans folks…it does seem to be the nastiest stuff here is directed at those two groups. Maybe I shouldn’t be shocked…it takes me back to my youth when I was shocked to encounter racism in the LGBT community when I came out…or that there wasn’t a warm and welcoming “community” when I came out. My last hold out was at least there was LESS racism or misogyny in LGBT world….ha ha! Yes, I’m old, & I suspect it’s better for today’s youth, but the comments here are disgusting and WE CAN DO BETTER (trolls notwithstanding).

  15. dean says

    “…But in truth they are just a tiny band of nuts. A few hundred thug activists representing a very tiny population. Don’t appease them. Laugh at them.


    In Truth? My red chaffed ass, pal. My self, My husband, our friends a family will stand between your latest ‘Canon’ and stop you from tormenting another minority in this country, you tea-bagging troll.

    Its LGBT BECAUSE we say it is. And it needs to be until fools like you die off.


    Take your crazy elsewhere, troll.

  16. Thomas Cardellino says

    Dear uniquely proud “Mr.” Harris, sir: You are a mess. Please seek out that therapy before it’s too late to live a hate-free life in your twilight years. It will be like coming out all over again. I promise you.
    As to the “ancient” nature of what you call lies, transsexuals suffered undiagnosed way before and ever since the dawn of psychiatry. As to the 19th century (which, I’m just guessing as a 60-year-old myself, was the century of your birth and the origins of your personal experience) the lesbian and gay folks in the modern world should keep in mind that they, too, went misdiagnosed for over a century before the truth overcame personal prejudices, humiliating social raids and imprisonment, as well as completely uninvestigated torture and murders . Prejudices, you know “Mr.” Harris, one of your (probably many) misguided obsessions. Please don’t bother to defend me and my being a gay man. You make me feel like a Jew might have felt looking at his World War One medals from the German Army while his home was being ransacked by the rife-with-self-loathing-gays thugs called the Nazi Brown Shirts! Kindly speak for your self and not me or my many much more empathetic than you LGBTI friends.

  17. Onnyjay says

    Prison rape is such a great subject for humor, bet Richie really knocks ’em out with dead baby jokes too. What is a moron like that doing on CNN? Did Faux fire him?

  18. JC says

    Ha ha. This is no joke. Let everyone apply their perverted sexual imagination to the situation.

  19. Jimmy says

    I actually think this guy is funny. Betray our nation- rot in a jail cell Mister Bradley Chelsea She he tranny manning

  20. Herman says

    I feel for the trans community but let Glen Greenwald and Julian Ass_suck pay for Missy’s new pussy.

  21. Harris says


    Sorry to disappoint you, but I am 33 years younger than you. So I think you are a lot closer to the twilight years than I. However, unlike you, I don’t take pleasure in other peoples’ aging and death and, even though we have a disagreement, I would never taunt you about your age and health. Because decent people don’t do things like that.

    In any event, you are right. Transgender people *were* misdiagnosed years ago. They were misdiagnosed as homosexuals. And homosexuals, in the early 20th century were branded as part of a “third sex.” In other words, in the past when stereotypes and misconceptions abounded, LGB and T were conflated and grouped together. That is exactly what you do today.

    Back in the 19th and early 20th century, the perpetrators of these errors could claim ignorance. They didn’t know any better. But you do. And yet you push these harmful stereotypes anyway. Shame on you. The injuries that you inflict on gay and lesbian youth are on your head.

  22. mike128 says

    Enough with the transphobia on this site. Some of these comments are hate speech and it’s disgusting to read. Haven’t we learned from our own experiences of prejudice and discrimination?

    Gay and trans people are NOT the same, but we do share the same issues. Mistreatment of gay people is so often based on ideas about gender (i.e. what “real men” should and should not do with their bodies). We share trans people the struggle to live freely in and with our bodies. Stop being a jerk – dehumanizing Chelsea Manning (or anyone for that matter) does not advance any cause or bring greater clarity to our struggles.

  23. Thomas Cardellino says

    Gawd Almighty, “Mr.” Harris, you’re more of a mess than I thought. Well beyond reason and without a solid moral or psychological leg upon which to stand. Here’s wishing you many life-changing experiences in the years you have to live, hopefully not as entrapped in the self-appointed Hell you now represent so ably.

  24. Harris says

    Pretty frightening that you are a doctor. You have been unable to justify your stereotyping of gay and lesbian people. You took glee at what you presumed was my old age and shortened longevity. And you resorted to insults and name-calling. Certainly not what one expects from a carer and a professional.

    Fortunately, it is unlikely in your practice that you encounter many gay and lesbian youth. I would hate to see them subjected to your archaic and bigoted views about how their sexual orientation renders them comparable to crossdressers and hermaphrodites.

  25. Jonny says

    Harris = incredibly uncredible – meaning zero credibilty in this thread. Defending a point by lumping cross-dressers, transsexuals, and hermaphrodites together made me discount you completely.

  26. Gordon says

    What a horrible thing to say. Prison rape is still rape, and still soul shattering. I don’t think being a woman is also consenting or encouraging rape just because one is locked up. Manning deserves to go to prison, fine, but being raped was not part of his/her sentence. These news people should be reprimanded and told to apologize for their inappropriate language.

  27. Cadence says

    I’m always amazed that people are okay with making rape jokes about those who are in prison. It’s like they don’t even know that they are talking about rape, or know what rape is.

  28. jamal49 says

    @ENOUGH Don’t let the door hit you in your dumb ass on the way out. Good riddance, I say.

    Trans issues are human rights issues. I appreciate the Towleroad cares enough to give us information on such issues.

  29. Marc says

    What a sad, pathetic man. I hope to never have the displeasure of meeting him in person. Ignorant and cruel.

  30. says

    Heh, the funny thing is that Harris and Thomas are fighting over miscommunication. You guys are arguing the same thing, also, kinda terrible at sentence structure.