Crosswalk at Russian Embassy in Sweden Painted Rainbow Colors in Protest of Anti-Gay Laws: PHOTO


Here's what the crosswalk outside the Russian Embassy in Stockholm, Sweden looks like today, via Street Art Utopia.

The Local reports:

Gay rights supporters have painted the zebra crossing outside the Russian embassy in Stockholm in the colours of the rainbow following angry exchanges during last week's Pride festival over the country's treatment of LGBT individuals. Stockholm police have been in regular contact with the Russian headquarters since the earlier manifestations but were unaware of the latest incident.

"We have no case on it but probably it is classed as vandalism or a violation of traffic regulations," Ulf Lindgren of Stockholm police told Dagens Nyheter.

He added that the police are not responsible for restoring the walkway to its regular pattern of black and white.

"Protesting is one thing, it has to be done. But this is wrong even if the objective is something else. It can affect people who are using the zebra crossing. There's a risk it can create danger for those using the crossing as they should look a certain way. It's confusing if they are different," added Lundgren.

On Saturday a group of naked men marched back and forth across the rainbow crossing outside the embassy. One of the group took pictures but it remains unclear if they are connected with the stunt.


  1. JonnyNYNY2FLFL says

    There’s a fine line between actions that rally supporters and actions that alienate them. While I applaud the Swedes for expressing their protestations against the Russian Embassy, painting a public street is vandalism.

  2. Mike says

    They got the colors wrong on this side: it’s red, orange, yellow; not red, yellow, orange. Looks like they got it right on the far side, though.

    Come on, gays, we’re supposed to be good at decorating!

  3. calcifer says

    Bill, I agree, but if it was done so that it’s just a strip down the middle, it would still look recognizably like a zebra crossing but display the message at the same time. Maybe lol

  4. zeb says

    I don’t get why it’s confusing, it still looks like a crosswalk, a bit more colorful but it’s not as distracting as billboards or bright lights from stores or the fashion victims walking around.

  5. Steve Talbert says

    AteaatI don’t think the naked guys are helping.i thought that was part of what they are afraid of will happen in Russia. At least it wasn’t a nambla picnic in the middle of the street.

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