1. jakeinlove says

    Ok as a one time love of underwear, underwear nights at bars, and cute underwear in general. Big woop.

  2. Tom in SF Bay Area says

    Hmmm, guess I’ve been on the wrong tube lines when I’ve been in London…. :)

  3. Matt27 says

    Ooh la la! I so need to travel with him (all the way) every morining. Nice package and touch.

  4. Daniel says

    Cute guy, clever waistband. But…isn’t this kind of stuff being posted by a ton of other gay targeted websites?

    I guess if it boosts traffic, more power to you.

  5. will says

    Who decides that this video is okay for general public consumption but that art video of the 2 guys kissing for 90 minutes is not? What RULES are being applied?

  6. Randy says

    The model had to change his underwear several times for this one shoot. I only wish I could have been on the camera crew.

  7. Bill says

    I wonder if they make one that says, “desperate”, which would probably be the most truthful things many people could wear!

  8. andrew says

    I guess “active” means top in the U.K. Is the assumption that bottoms are just passive? Aren’t the different colored hankies in the jean pocket a better way to describe your personal preferences?


    Amazing how when it deals with “sex” and “homoeroticism” showing your underwear is totally acceptable. This is why the word “HYPOCRITE” exists.

  10. wheelie81 says

    Right. Because it’s a common occurrence to see guys just strip down to their underwear on a train (SMH!)