1. Hey Darlin' says

    Conservative, in desperation, shifts blame to gays (following the Conservative formula properly) only to be proven to be the real problem himself (and prove that the formula is inherently flawed).

  2. Adam says

    Gay marriage leads to drunk driving & boating …..

    I guess that’s because gay people don’t face each other – according to a Mexican congresswoman – when having sex…

  3. norseman says

    So, he’s a vigorously straight dude who drinks too much and injures people. OK, got it. Take away his license to operate and toss him in jail to give him some time to think about how that formula is working for him.

  4. Mitch says

    Please don’t blame your alcoholism on what I might or might not do in bed. Take some personal responsibility.

  5. Onnyjay says

    So… a drunk gets loaded, endangers others while driving a boat or a car, and blames someone — anyone — everyone else for his self-destructive, behavior. This isn’t news, ladies and gentlemen, it’s classic alcoholic deathstyle. Time for Donnie to do some time, pay some money, get some rehab, not that any of that will actually happen. Donnie will lawyer up, pay a fine, do some half-assed community service, get drunk again, drive something too fast, maybe kill a few people. Defending “The Family” against the evil gays takes its toll, but worth it when you’re doing God’s work.

  6. Bernie says

    and here I thought gays were only responsible for floods, tsunamis, earthquakes, not marriage equality too………….

  7. rroberts says

    OK, so the very idea of gay marriage and other gay rights can drive straight people to drink and/or do drugs to the point of incompetence. WE DO NOT REALIZE THE EXTENT OF OUR POWERS!

    Rise up, oh queer ones! Put down your cocktails and set aside your Grindr apps for a moment. Exert your strength! Let’s make this happen to every straight anti-gay lawmaker, radio pundit and bully across the country. And when we get a taste of what we’re capable of, we take on the World!

  8. ratbastard says

    For someone who whines about gay stereotypes, I must say here that he looks like he’d be right at home in a leather bar.

  9. Jack M says

    I’m ashamed he’s from my state. He’ll get plenty of feedback from us Marylanders, believe me.

  10. Chris in Irvine says

    Have they taken away his driver’s license? If so, he should go to jail and never (ever) get that document again. He wants to get drunk, get a taxi!

  11. johnny says

    Blame Obama.

    I dunno, blame anyone but that poor slob… right? Isn’t that the formula?

    WTF happened to personal responsibility????

  12. Dean says

    Cracked ths skull open on a five-year old with his boat, eh?

    Some of those lovely Family Values at work, right Dwyer?

  13. SFRowGuy says

    You know, we gays just keep pouring that booze down his throat. He can’t help it. (I wouldn’t touch him with a pole of any size. Ewww!)

  14. WOW says

    I thought Republicans were the party of personal responsibility? Don’t blame others for your misfortunes? Pick yourself up by the bootstraps and do for yourself. Well, I guess they claim to be alot of things, but they really aren’t.

  15. sjaeger says

    What is it about Maryland’s delegates? First the AA minister who thinks that no-one should have free speech when discussing gay issues, now one who blames gays for his drunken escapades and issues. Sounds like some of the original colonies haven’t learned why we left mother England 225+ years ago and still believe in might makes right and rule by fiat instead a representative democracy.

  16. Dan Cobb says

    What a vile, vile, vile, vile, vile sack of human excrement this piece of garbage is! Some of his colleagues voted for same-sex marriage so he becomes blotto, fall-all-over-yourself drunkard!? What a piece of work… “my co-GOP legislators who voted for gay marriage did this to me!” Hey Dwyer, you piece of crap, where’s the GOP’s “family value” of personal responsibility!? God I hate Republicans!

  17. Dan Cobb says

    I live in Maryland and this man is a virulent homophobe. He was always crusading about how dangerous homosexuals are to children… then he goes out in his boat, gets blotto drunk and crashes into a boat filled with kids… injury several of them. What a disgusting piece of crap this guy is.

  18. Queer Supremacist says

    Why are these “people” allowed to hold public office or even vote? The sooner he dies of cirrhosis, the better off the people of Maryland will be.

  19. walter says

    please stop blaming gays and finally admit he is nothing but a f-cking drunk. will the gays in maryland please stop holding this poor man down and pouring drinks down his throat.

  20. Stuart says

    Just another self-loathing homosexual that can’t accept himself. What a drag!!! I’ll buy the next round!