Lady Gaga: ‘I’m Not a French Fry, I’m Foie Gras’ — VIDEO


Lady Gaga spoke with Sirius OutQ host Larry Flick about her intentions behind ARTPOP, "Applause", fame, and the lack of respect for artists these days:

"This incessant negative force that's being charged at every celebrity, every artist. It's sad because there is an element of respect that's been lost - for the performer. People are not...grateful anymore,. It used to be a very unique and blessed experience to be able to experience theater and tbe able o see it and only the most highest class people in Shakespearean times would be let into the theater and everyone else would have to watch it in the square. Nobody feels that way anymore. It's so easily accessible on the internet that it's treated like McDonald's. It's treated like trash. And so to get back to your earlier question, I'm not a french fry. I'm foie gras. And some people don't like it. But that's just who I am."


Posted August 28, 2013 at 8:42am ETC by Andy Towle
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