‘Game of Thrones’ Actor Kit Harington is All Abs as a Slave-Turned-Gladiator in ‘Pompeii': PHOTO


Entertainment Weekly offers up a new still from Paul W.S. Anderson's forthcoming film Pompeii.

Harington told EW:

“This is the first scene you see me in. It’s set in London, in fact, and it’s a scene where my character is a gladiator fighting in an arena. That’s his gladiator look. It’s a great little fight against three masked gladiators and sets up who he is and where he’s going. You see me display my skills quite early on. It’s a costume I don’t actually wear for the rest of the film, but it’s an establishing one.”

More on the 3-D Mount Vesuvius eruption epic at EW.


  1. OddBet says

    So starring in the original stage production of “War Horse” and starring in one of the most successful HBO shows ever doesn’t qualify one as an actor?

    Perhaps you’d like to share with everyone your credentials for making such a pronouncement?

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