1. Sean says

    This experience brought to you by the hate spread by hate groups such as the FRC, NOM, and AFA inciting anti-gay terrorism.

  2. Rich F. says

    I have never understood schools’ whole “blame the victim” approach to bullying, especially when bullying becomes physical.

  3. ratbastard says

    Sue. Sh*t is ridiculous. They need to be named [school officials, and the punks who jumped the kid] and the school district needs to be sued. It’s the only language they understand.

  4. Kevin says

    Every year at this time, as kids head back to school, we are reminded of the bullying that out teens and those perceived to be LGBT face. Unfortunately, we’ll see these stories weekly until next summer *smh*

    Good for the mother to stand up for her kid. She should get him in a more accepting school environment, if possible, so that he can have a safer and less anxiety prone teenage experience. And if those bullies are not legally prosecuted, they should be suspended from school, not just the bus route. This should be visible on their school record if/when they apply to colleges.

  5. woodroad34d says

    what a terrific ad for being straight…geez! I can’t wait to be heterosexual! Where do I go to sign up to beat on some helpless kid?! They’re sooooo coool!

  6. Continuum says

    Does anyone seriously believe that the bus cameras weren’t working? Just another way for the school to escape responsibility.

  7. johnny says

    Agree with Bob.

    Where the hell was the bus driver and why did they not intervene, at least by blocking those kids path to the victim, if not doing something else (like throwing them bodily off the bus!).

    I realize that this will make me sound like the old guy on the porch, but in my day you could NEVER get away with that kind of crap, the bus driver would stop the bus in the middle of the street and be on you in a flash with a can of whoop ass!

  8. Queer Supremacist says

    These bullies should be thrown under the bus. Literally. And after that, the bus should go back and forth to flatten them. That’s social justice.

    Death to homophobes.

  9. theotherlee says

    Does anyone seriously believe that the bus cameras weren’t working? Just another way for the school to escape responsibility.

    Posted by: Continuum | Aug 21, 2013 4:13:18 PM

    Not for a second…

  10. Francis #1 says

    The schism is, that more LGBT teens are coming out. That’s a good thing. They see more influences, role models, and want to live an out, open life. The bad thing is that society hasn’t quite progressed to the point where being LGBT is embraced by the masses at large, especially in Indiana. So teens are coming out more readily, but it’s almost like open season on them. It’s been proven homophobic slurs are both the most common and the most hurtful form of insults across the board.

    This school and the bus driver need to be sued if they do not step in and protect this teen.

  11. enough already says

    Oh, puhlease.
    First, they erased the tapes.
    Second, why is the victim being punished?
    She needs to sue and the police need to do their jobs.

  12. Kevin_BGFH says

    A friend of mine told me that when he was in school, he was bullied constantly by a group of other students. Both him and the bully would get sent to the principal, but because this gang always rotated who did the bullying, it was always my friend with a different guy. So the principal blamed my friend, since he appeared to be the common denominator. :-(

  13. Kevin_BGFH says

    Francis, I think you’re absolutely right about how visibility is escalating it (in the short run at least). When I was a kid, other kids (and my brother) called me a fag, but they didn’t really believe it because no one even knew any gay people. They were actually shocked when I finally came out years later. But nowadays, kids have had more exposure and actually do believe that some of their classmates might actually be gay.

  14. andrew says

    Over reacting to bullying like this as HAGATHA suggests: “Parents of good kids need to pull them out of the public schools” is RIDICULOUS. This is the same guy who wants to stop all humanitarian aid to Africa because of some of the bad things happening there. Obviously bullying is a serious problem in some schools and must be effectively dealt with. At the same time people should realize that their are thousands of good public schools in the USA and hundreds of thousands of good dedicated teachers and staff in those schools. Intelligent people attempt to fix problems not blow things up.

  15. Chaz says

    This is very sad and disgusting but I wonder if this news station has not endangered them more so as they have not done a very good job regarding the anonymity of this poor family…

  16. Koskalaka Maricón says

    Bus suspensions?!?!…for the bullying perpetrators?!?! Had W.R. succumbed with his life, there would’ve been hell to pay, and these bullies and their families need to FEEL and to KNOW the dire consequences of their actions as keenly as fearful W.R. SMH!

  17. bill milller says

    The bus driver is a moron! The schools responsibility is to the kid being accosted! I live in planet Zindianner. What a mess this state is.

  18. says

    The police may or may not make a difference in how the school responds, but I promise you a lawyer will. The school district is required by law to provide a safe environment and the best possible means for each student to receive an education—even paying for private school, if that’s what it takes. The mother should contact Lambda Legal Indiana.