Gay Man Beaten in Seattle’s Capitol Hill Neighborhood

JacobsA gay man was beaten early Monday morning in Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood, KOMO News reports:

Jason Jacobs told officers he was walking in the 200 block of Summit Avenue East shortly after midnight when he was approached by three men and two women, who started calling him derogatory names based on his sexual orientation.

The group chased Jacobs down the street and attacked him when they caught up, leaving him with a broken nose and cuts to his face and knees, according to police. He was later taken to Harborview Medical Center for treatment.

The attack is being investigated as a hate crime.

KIRO reports that Jacobs was attacked near the 200 block of Summit Avenue East. He could only tell police that his attackers were two white women and three white men because he had been drinking at the time.


  1. Rick says

    More and more examples of attacks like this involving women…..who no doubt egged their male companions on….further evidence of how threatened women are becoming by the increasing acceptability of male homosexuality….particularly since they seem to be occurring primarily in the more “progressive” parts of the country…….

    Women are not our friends….it is not in their best interests for men to become sexually and emotionally liberated from them, which is exactly the result that ending the taboo against male homosexuality will bring….

  2. Jordan says

    Jason is a great guy and I’m sure his recovery will go well. It pisses me off that this happens in my neighborhood, it’s not the first attack of recent months so we’ve all been kind of on edge recently.

  3. says

    Wow, that area is very populated, SUPER busy at night on weekends. What a bunch of dicks who heard this and did nothing.

  4. Francis #1 says

    Seattle’s been seeing a lot more hate crimes recently, from everything I’ve read. A lot of bashers have been going into Capitol Hill to bash gay men. Very sad. My heart goes out to Jason.

  5. Matt26 says

    I don’t understand violence, nor these attacks. It’s 2013 and people act like it’s the Middle Ages! What these cowards get to themselves, when they attack other people? Huge majority of people have no need to attack gays. Why these people?
    I hope Jason gets ok and those people, who did will get caught and into the court, I mean streets are full of cameras.

  6. bgk says

    Look, I’m not saying he’s lying, I’m saying there’s far too little evidence at this time for me to buy this guy, who’s had some issues in the past, was actually attacked for being gay.

    If he cannot remember much, I’m not sure there’s evidence that he was attacked on the basis of his sexual orientation.

  7. Francis #1 says

    Most thugs and really, and really, many of your garden variety low class straight boy types, see LGBT people, as easy targets. Hence we’re the most likely to be beaten and targeted in hate crimes. They think that a guy who is attracted to other men is weak, gay=weak, and thus, they can bully us around and attack us for fun. I knew of a couple guys who actually support(ed) gay marriage FWIW, but they got drunk one night and their biases came out and they spit on and got very aggressive with several gay men at a bar.

    Such attacks will continue to occur as long as these thugs have zero fear whatsoever of gay men.

  8. Francis #1 says

    Most fake hate crime stories involve property damage or cuts and scrapes. Wild stories, that are pretty unbelievable by reading them. This story is believable and he’s badly injured. Plus there was another witness that said they say Jason getting chased by two men, so his story seems to check out. But we’ll see.

  9. Kev C says

    @BGK, some queers are targeted more frequently than others. As someone who knows this from experience, I kind of resent jumping to the conclusion that it’s phony or he’s a professional victim. It may be phony, but it should be taken as serious until it is proven to be so.

  10. says

    He may not be able to describe them because he was drunk, running and afraid… that doesn’t mean he doesn’t know what happened.

    I hope they can find some evidence (ATM or street cams, catch the perps and throw the book at them.

    The picture doesn’t strike me a particularly drama queenish. If someone beats the crap out of you I think its OK not to smile like a game show host for the photos documenting your injuries.

    SIDE NOTE about the photo: at first glance, I really thought he was wearing a sleeveless wedding dress with a veil behind his head.

  11. daninseatown says

    This person has a long history of making false claims of homophobic discrimination and harassment. I don’t doubt that he was assaulted but I would not be surprised if the events surrounding it have little to do with homophobia or “gay bashing.”

  12. Kev C says

    @Sargon Bighorn, Capitol Hill is a gay neighborhood. And many gay bashings are done by perception of gayness, with about 15% of all gay bashings being against straight individuals who are percieved as gay.

  13. Mark says

    To GEEKMA92-Rick has a point tho it may be more accurate to say something like:

    “if you are known as someone who dates men then a woman may consider you as competition and this can have a negative impact on your friendship”.

    Esp. since hetero identified men are increasingly more comfortable with bromance, which for some may include making out and other more erotic activity which some of their female friends may have strong negative feelings about.

    So yes, not all women are going to be your friends.

  14. bgk says

    @KEV C You’re point is valid. I will await hearing news from our New Police Chief to see if SPD will actually do something this time.

  15. Francis #1 says

    I’m sorry Mark, but no, straight men are not making out with one another. That’s just not happening. Yes, bromances are becoming more popular, but it’s not comparable to what a gay romance would be in almost any way. In fact, “dude bro” types often are the most homophobic.