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San Francisco Hosts GaymerX, The World's First Gay Video Game Convention: VIDEO

GaymerX Opening Ceremonies

Last weekend hundreds of gay video gamers, or "gaymers", descended upon the Kabuki Hotel in San Francisco to attend the first ever convention created just for them: GaymerX, neé GaymerCon. The brainchild of Matt Conn, GaymerX was created so that there would be "a space where all gamers and queer geeks can come together in a welcoming and safe space." The project's Kickstarter received over triple its goal funding of $25,000 and had over 1,500 backers.

The event took over two floors of the hotel with vendor tables from companies large and small, and a weekend schedule was filled with panels and parties. Guests of honor, or "bosses" as they were dubbed, counted among them transgender designer and activist Anna Anthropy, Drag Race contestant Pandora Boxx (who debuted as Batman's Harly Quinn), and voice actress Ellen McClain who is best known for her role as GLaDOS, the malevolent AI from Valve's Portal series.

The highlight of the weekend came during the Saturday panel entitled "Voice Acting 101," hosted by Ellen and her husband John Patrick Lowrie (The Sniper, Team Fortress 2). At one point Ellen conducted a sing-along for Portal's ending theme, "Still Alive," and then took things in an unanticipated direction. I don't want to spoil the surprise, so you can see a video of the event courtesy of ... AFTER THE JUMP...

If you prefer to skip past the sing-along, fast forward to the 5:00 mark and you can get right to the surprise at 8:00.


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  1. I'm the leader of a gay league for a popular MMO. I can tell you it was created by and for LGBTQ players –and our allies!– who are in need of, or want, a safe, welcoming space to play free of hate speech. For the uninitiated, when the rating system logo says "Online Interactions Not Monitored" it means that when you mess up playing your role, some jerk you don't know calls you "fag" as a way to humiliate/degrade you. Our league offer a safe haven from that kind of talk, and players can be themselves.

    While we are mostly a gay male league, we have had straight women players, some openly identified trans players and straight allies (even a married couple) as players. Usually the straight allies have friends or relatives who are gay and don't want to listen to hate speech either.

    In short - gaymers come in all shapes, sizes, creeds, races and orientations... just like everything else in life, it's surprising!

    Wish I could have attended GAYMERX. maybe next year!

    Posted by: Dr.Theopolis | Aug 12, 2013 3:19:48 PM

  2. I do feel sorry for a lot of gay people who are living in secret, unable to tell their families or friends about their gayness for fear of the reaction or even worse that could happen when they truth about them gets out. I understand why they would feel more accepted by putting on a event like this.

    But it's not going to change anything sadly, gay people will always be looked on by a vast number of mankind as sick or something seriously wrong with them , it's not going to change and that is what I feel sad about, they are going to live with this burden for eternity I think, there are a lot of gay people who are out and living a happy life and able to defend themselves, but I think there are a lot more who are living in secret and live in fear most of their lives about it getting out as it's not accepted by so many people.

    It's a cross they have to carry, we all have crosses to carry, and this is their cross in life. Some will say they are over the moon to be gay , but there are many gay people who wish they weren't gay as their lives would be a lot easier.

    Posted by: London12 | Aug 13, 2013 6:53:38 PM

  3. Congratulations! As a gaymer from Indonesia, I can only hope that someday there's something like this for a more international audience.

    Posted by: darkorient | Aug 14, 2013 2:25:15 PM

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