1. Dback says

    I’m biased since my mom was a lactation consultant, but it does kind of blow my mind how many (human) moms skip breast feeding altogether, or only do it for a couple weeks. Outside of the US, many kids nurse until they’re almost two. I don’t think La Leche and other breastfeeding groups should be making new moms feel bad, but when some women say “Oh, it doesn’t really make any difference,” it’s hard for me to bite my tongue sometimes. Yes, it does, and if nursing is problematic you can still pump for a few months. There’s a reason women have those things, and it’s not just for men to fantasize about.

  2. Robert says

    DBACK: You’re right. You’re biased. And if you want to convince someone to breast feed their kids for more than a few weeks, the way to do it isn’t to say “in some parts of the world, kids breast feed until they’re TWO!!” Cuz guess what. That’s gross.

  3. Ken says

    Robert: Why is breast feeding until the age of two gross? Women’s breasts have utility, they’re not just for straight men and lesbians to ogle.

    The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends exclusive breast feeding for 12 months.

    The more we learn about the health benefits of extended breastfeeding for children, as well as for mothers (such as reduced risk of premenopausal breast cancer, ovarian cancer, and osteoporosis), the more we realize that extended breastfeeding is not only normal, but preferred.

    You need to open your mind and realize the female breast has utility and breast milk is the best, natural “elixir” for a child.

    Get yourself educated instead of replying “that’s gross.”

  4. calcifer says

    A study (from the 90s I think) I came across some time back found that 5% of children in Bangladesh aged 7-8 still nursed. Now that is pretty mind blowing, don’t your think? 😉 But the *average* age for infants to self-wean in different cultures and times is 3.5 years. It’s only gross because you’re not used to it. But it’s ‘normal’.

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