1. QJ201 says

    I swear her lyrics are sophomoric, as in written by a 10th grader. But it’s pop schmaltz and will be a bit of hit.

    Don’t think the chorus is catchy or strong enough to be a major hit though.

  2. Grant says

    MJ & Brian are right. It’s probably not close enough of a rip-off for legal action, but it’s pretty clear where Perry’s inspiration came from.

    Listen to Bareilles’ song. It’s superior in every aspect.

  3. Brian says

    Katy Perry can’t sing. Her voice is the product of a machine. She has released a number of homophobic songs. Why is Towleroad promoting homophobia?

  4. Brad says


    Actually, her voice isn’t that bad. It’s not the best, but it’s good enough for a pop star. And homophobic songs? She’s definitely a friend to the gay community.

  5. Drew says

    Oh good, another hit for her! Seems that all the best-selling music nowadays contain only the simplest vocals and repetitive sound effects, digitized no less.

  6. Audi-owner says

    @ DREW:

    That’s because today’s pop “music” is only appealing to tweens and teens. And to “adults” with the mentality and taste of a teenager.

  7. Robert says

    Hey Audi-owner. Wanna tell me when’s the last time there wasn’t pop music that appealed to kids? I mean, the 70s, the 80s, the 90s…allllllllllll full of teenybopper pop. Don’t act like this is the only thing people listen to.

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