1. Mike Ryan says

    I don’t know about you guys but there was never a time when I wasn’t gay, even as a little kid. I have several older brothers and they really doted on me, carrying me when I was little, holding my hand wherever and whenever it was appropriate. And it wasn’t because they wanted to show the affection, it was because I wanted it. I would cling to them, crawl in bed with them (nothing inappropriate) and was protected by them from the bullies in our neighborhood and school. So the line “when I was in the third grade” really hits home with me and probably a lot of other gay children/people.

  2. Zeta says

    @Mike Ryan, you knew you were gay. You didn’t think you were gay (or straight) and come to find out you were wrong.

    The lines may be vulnerable, but I don’t see a straight singing them. Mack probably has fluid sexuality.

  3. Daniel in MO says

    Zeta I don’t see a coward writing and singing those lyrics. I don’t know if you have noticed, but Macklemore doesn’t shy away from the truth. I think it’s fair to say that if he played for my team occasionally, he would have written about it. As for Jason Collins, I’m guessing he has played more pro ball than anyone commenting on this site.

  4. Adamn says

    I’m sorry but Macklemore and Ryan Lewis look like closet cases. What sort of role models are they if they can”t be upfront about their sexuality?

    The VMA’s appear to be fake. You have gay male performers pretending to be straight. You have Jason Collins who appears to be fake. And you have heaps of miming and AutoTune. It’s a sea of fake.

  5. Canadian says

    Well, I’m completely 100% gay, but I have to say, in third grade I was totally looking for bra ads in the Sears catalogs. It wasn’t sexual, really, but I did REALLY like them. So it does happen. I used to dog-ear the magazines as small as possible… but I still got caught.

    Now, I can only admire their aesthetics.

  6. Joshyboy says

    Why is it that as soon as a stright ally of the LGBT community like Macklemore comes to the surface, so many gay people feel the need to dispute their sexuality? And to suggest that they are doing the community some kind of disservice by not being gay is kind of ridiculous…I’m sure that based on what I’ve seen of Macklemore so far, if he was actually gay he wouldn’t be marrying his girlfriend and would just be straight up about it. Synics just seem to bring the world down. Cheer up :-)

  7. says

    Right, they’re fake closet cases, says the person who posts under myriad fake names on TR. He’s an ally, which is neither unusual or suspicious in 2013, it’s just that most allies don’t also have a big hit record that spells out why they’re an ally. He’s a great role model.

  8. Mack says

    I love the lyrics. “We’re all the same, same, same. Same as straight married couples. After not too long our sex life will be the same, same, same. Don’t kid yourself that we’ll always feel the same, same, same. Can I get out of the same, same, same?”

  9. Adamn says

    Macklemore is not straight in my view. Male acts are told by the executives at the music labels to hide their homosexuality because they know it won’t sell to the female demographic. I worked at a well-known label in 2010 alongside gay executives who insisted on this rule.

  10. Joshyboy says

    Yes but Macklemore is an independant artist. He refuses to bow to the ridiculous requirements of the record labels…if he’s strong enough to stand up to the labels then he’s strong enough to be straigt up about his sexuality. I think the real problem here is that it’s impossible to convince a synic that their synical view is possibly flawed. But that’s jus my opinion.

  11. says

    Jason, oops–I mean AdamN–closeted pop stars wouldn’t do an ally song, it would terrify them. Wake up, it’s a different world now. If my straight niece or nephew were in the music biz they’d do a tribute to their gay uncle in a heartbeat, just like Maclemore did. Get out more, dude. And cut all the fake names and personas if you want to be taken seriously.

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