1. says

    They hate him because he’s black.

    It’s really just that simple.

    A great speech in which LGBT was repeatedly cited as part of MLK’s legacy. But the racists who post in here couldn’t care less about that.

    Oh Sassy, try looking for the “Obamaphone” UP YOUR USELESS ASS!!!

  2. says

    To very large part I agree with what EHRENSTEIN said, although I think some anti-Obama folks aren’t racists, they’re just woefully under/misinformed.

    It’s also a problem that most white folks in red states buy GOP and Fox News talking points hook line and sinker. It wasn’t even a week ago that one of my more ‘redneck’ relatives was sharing on their facebook wall an image accusing Obama of enabling the poor to stay on welfare. Meanwhile, if republicans in congress hadn’t spent all their time trying to repeal health care reform, block marriage equality, and cockblock dozens of job-creating bills and initiatives, less people would need welfare and unemployment would be down another 2 points by now.

  3. andrew says

    Very moving and thoughtful speech by President Obama. Congressman John Lewis, the last of the ten speakers at the March 50 years ago who is still alive, gave a very inspirational speech. It was also great to see Presidents Carter and Clinton there to add to the significance of the day of remembrance and rededication.

  4. Tobias says

    @JAANI – Not really. Ehrenstein’s piece was not only a spot-on piece of writing, as well as terrifically-informed in terms of understanding cinematic tropes and racial-archetypes through the decades of cinema, but it was ABOUT racism. It wasn’t racist, at all. It was about racism. Only a stupid racist would be unable to distinguish. So take a bow.

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