Nebraska School Superintendent Allegedly Fired For Performing In “The Producers”

Ever since the Calvary Community Church opened the Parkview Christian School in 2011, Harold Scott has served as the Nebraska school's superintendent. But Scott says he was recently fired from his position for performing in a community theater production of The Producers

ScottThe Producers is Mel Brooks' musical comedy in which two Broadway con-men stage a deliberately offensive and awful musical called Springtime for Hitler: A Gay Romp with Adolf and Eva at Berchtesgaden. The comedy is rife with jokes about Nazis, gay characters and a sexpot secretary whose unwitting hotness drives the titular producers wild.

According to Scott, Calvary Community Church pastor Dr. Carl Godwin fired him because he "felt [Scott's] participation (in the musical) would have a negative reflection" on both the church and the school.

Scott told The Journal Star:

“I never imagined that my passion for acting and participating in community theater would lead to me losing my job. I truly believe that I did nothing wrong and my involvement in theater should in no way interfere with the career I love.”

Previous to his firing, Scott had been an educator for over 22 years with several years as a middle and high school principal.


  1. Bernie says

    wow! one can get fired for acting! That is not only wrong, but sad that his employer can fire him….The Producers has been around a long time and has been on TV frequently….

  2. gregorybrown says

    If he’d done a reading of some of the Jewish Bibles genocidal, misogynistic, racist and appalling episodes, he probably would have received a cash bonus.

  3. Jeff says

    Employee’s rights are becoming fewer and fewer. Really we need to stand up top these ridiculous and petty arguments. There are 168 hours in a week and only 40 of them belong to the employer. Slavery is illegal.

  4. terdec says

    Why do people work for Christian schools to begin with when they should know full well that these folks lack any sense of reason. They believe in sky deities that grant wishes, not unlike Santa. Haven’t they seen Footloose? it wasn’t a movie, it was a documentary on Midwestern Christians.

  5. Acronym Jim says

    Apparently, the pastor of the church was the one who recommended that Scott be fired for acting in a play that mocks greedy producers, an unpredictable public, and nazis.

    The pastor’s last name?

    Godwin – I sh*t you not.

  6. andrew says

    When you work for a Religious Institution this is the kind of treatment you can expect. I wonder why a guy who had been the principal of a middle school and high school would go to work for the Calvary Community Church School. Doesn’t sound like a smart career move.

  7. emjayay says

    The headline calling this guy a Nebraska school superintendent makes it sound like he is a guy in charge of a big system, which would generally be the public schools. Which, stupid as this firing is, would be in a totally different league.

    All religious based schools are not the same. Catholic schools are generally like public or private non-religious schools plus religion class. Science class for example would be expected to be actually scientific. Although of course the long time popular English department head woman was fired recently from a Catholic high school for getting married. But I wouldn’t expect a Parkview Christian School to be much different from Jesus Camp.

  8. andrew says

    @EMJAYAY: For all the criticism correctly directed at the Catholic Church for its positions on sexual morality and LGBT and Women’s rights, Catholic Schools generally give a quality education. In Pennsylvania the state pays for all the textbooks (except Religion textbooks) that the students use. The books are the same ones used in the public schools. There is no creationists science taught in Catholic Schools.

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