New Website Helps Gay Pakistanis Find Support, Navigate Anti-Gay Laws

Queer Pakistan


With so much controversy surrounding Russia at present, it's easy to forget that cerain other countries have even stricter anti-gay laws and policies in place. One such country is Pakistan, where laws forbid homosexual acts as well as "propaganda", and carry penalties ranging from 2 years to life in prison, or even death in some other cases. 

Queer Pakistan seeks to help improve the country's harshly anti-gay climate. It seeks to create a safe haven online for members of the underground Pakistani LGBT community, as well as provide informational tools and resources for those in and out of the community. It also seeks to spread information about sexually transmitted diseases, which is another taboo in the highly-conservative country. Its slogan declares: "Don't hate us, know usI" 

Pakistan-is-a-strange-country-1024x640Pakistan is also known for its strict censorship laws. Since the origin of the site remains unknown, it is not yet apparent if the Pakistani government has taken measures to block the site or shut it down, or if it even can. Such efforts may prove counter-intuitive, though, since Pink News reports that Pakistan leads the world in online gay porn searches. Thus, it may actually be in the country's best interest to encourage traffic to this site, since it provides actual substantive information. 

Nevertheless, this site serves as just another example of the web has allowed members of underground LGBT movements to communicate and provide support for each other


  1. Mark says

    Who knew the most anti-gay people around also happen to be the most gay people around?


    btw, have you seen Russian porn? If you like twinks, you’d love their so-called str8 porn.

  2. Sean says

    Poor things. They don’t have a chance.

    It makes you realize how lucky we are to live in the West.

    If you live in a Muslim country, you’re just plain screwed. Period.

  3. reality says

    Glad to see support being set up for them! For many, you can’t just leave the country where you were born and raised. Look at the U.S., we already have the right-wing wanting to deny people entry to this country.

  4. Fox says

    @HMSXL – It’s my understanding that while Urdu is the national language of Pakistan, English is the official language. (The country actually has the third largest population of total English speakers in the world.)

    From Wikipedia … “English is one of the official languages of Pakistan (the other being Urdu) and is widely used in the executive, legislative and judicial branches as well as to some extent in the officer ranks of Pakistan’s armed forces. Pakistan’s Constitution and laws are written in English. It is also widely used in schools, colleges and universities as a medium of instruction. Amongst the more educated social circles of Pakistan, English is seen as the language of upward mobility and its use is becoming more prevalent in upper social circles often spoken alongside native Pakistani languages.”

    And somehow, I’m sure typing or keyboarding in English is also easier .. lol!

  5. Todd says


    All educated Pakistanis (like educated Indians) know English. And I suspect that most Pakistanis who would adopt a “queer” or “gay” identity would be more westernized and educated, and thus English speakers.

  6. HYPOCRITE says

    So are we going to boycott all products made and shipped to the US from Pakistan now? There gays have a much harder life and are subject to violence much more so that the Russians. Why is there only a call for a boycott for the Olympic games when these atrocities
    are happening everywhere? Where is the LGBT boycott for the Middle East????

  7. Jere says

    The reason the focus is on Russia is that Russia has thrust itself onto the world stage at the exact same time as enacting this sad anti-LGBT law. If the Russians had been smart about it, they would have postponed enacting this law until after the Olympics…then none of this would be an issue. The US and all the gay-friendly corporations that do business in Russia would simply look the other way or, if pressed, make polite noises about supporting equality and then do nothing. But the Olympic Games change everything. If Pakistan was holding the Olympics, we’d be having the same issues. When Qatar hosts the World Cup, these issues will be brought home to them. You can have your precious medievel laws, or you can engage in the modern world, but you can’t do both without expecting push back.

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