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Nickelodeon Actor and YouTube Star Lucas Cruikshank: I'm Gay


Lucas Cruikshank, Nickelodeon actor and star and creator of the popular YouTube series Fred, came out of the closet in a Q&A video posted to his channel today.

"I'm gay. It feels so weird to say it. My family and friends have known this for like three years I just haven't felt any need to announce it on the internet. I feel awkward!"


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  1. I think we should all prove LittleKiwi wrong once and for all by posting videos of ourselves on the internet. You guys first. I can't do it because I'm not Out.

    Posted by: ratbastard | Aug 20, 2013 3:58:09 PM

  2. Why is everything an argument and name calling and spurious accusations based on nothing more than anger and disagreement? Geez louise! "You're a stereotype," "you're a coward who won't come out." blah blah blah, no one is going to change any minds with a 3 sentence paragraph on a message board about something as personal as coming out or gender roles etc. It's like bumper stickers, has a sticker really ever spurred a change in your life? Probably not because we are adults and opinions are formed over years of experiences and PERSONAL observations not because we are berated into it by someone who disagrees with us. I blame reality television, it glorifies empty arguments and deplorable behavior. Everything is now an argument that needs to be won, rather than mature adult discussion where opinions are shared and actually considered by the other party. It's a pathetic situation in which we find ourselves. let's strive for better!

    Posted by: cdubois | Aug 20, 2013 4:06:27 PM

  3. CDUBOIS - look at this way: young man comes out, on youtube.

    anonymous wimps who can't show themselves on youtube make pathetic criticisms of him.

    it's that simple - you show me a commenter denigrating Lucas Cruikshank as "fem" who can provide the URL to their own Coming Out on Youtube Video, and I'll show you a unicorn.

    there are some things, statements, and stances that only complete cowards take, and always from a place of complete anonymity.

    the pathetic comments on this thread by this site's eunuch of a troll are perfect examples.

    Posted by: Little Kiwi | Aug 20, 2013 4:17:32 PM

  4. Wow, I think the comments section on Towleroad may be hitting an all time low.

    Posted by: Lucas H | Aug 20, 2013 4:21:38 PM

  5. What happened to the "Fred" movie or TV show that was supposed to come out?

    Posted by: anon | Aug 20, 2013 4:33:53 PM

  6. I always considered the -non Fred- version of him good looking, interesting to know. Even so he got campier, I don't like when people think they have to adopt (or fake) campy accent when they didn't have it before, to be "part of the (gay) guys".

    Posted by: SAYTHETRUTH | Aug 20, 2013 4:36:21 PM

  7. Some people accused me of "becoming gayer" after I came out and I never understood that criticism. I wasn't pretending to be straight anymore so of course I got gayer, I didn't have to act like I was straight anymore.

    Seems like some of you still don't get that. It's not about being part of the gay guys, it's about not pretending to be one of the straight ones anymore.

    Posted by: Brendt | Aug 20, 2013 4:41:50 PM

  8. MATEOM - give it a rest. The kid is 19 and grew up in the spotlight.

    Posted by: Robert | Aug 20, 2013 4:44:52 PM

  9. littlekiwi I get what you are saying and agree with your assesement. My point is that the method is off, not the message. By lowering ourselves to the level of a trolls with name calling and hatred we ourselves become no better than them. If we show, by example, that we can get a point across without that nonsense I think we will start to see a change in everyone. Once that happens my hope is that the trolls will realize those tactics no longer elicit the negative hateful response that i suspect they are looking for. We (and by WE I mean smart reasonable people) need to be the change we want to see in the world : )

    Posted by: cdubois | Aug 20, 2013 4:47:09 PM

  10. ANON - there have been two Fred movies already, I think.

    MATEOM - just shut up. He's 19, he grew up in the public eye, he did NOT have to come out as a 16 year old just because he was popular then.

    Posted by: Robert | Aug 20, 2013 4:47:14 PM

  11. CDubs, i hear ya. thing is, trolls can't be reasoned with: delusion is all they have to keep from accepting the reality of their sad lives.

    so yes. concur. also, Andy Towle - adopt disqus for commenting: nonsense gets downvoted and hidden away, and sock-puppets are fewer and far between. this site is becoming TrollRoad, and it's sad.

    lucas cruikshank came out on the internet, and only a jealous eunuch would find reason to denigrate him for it.

    Posted by: Little Kiwi | Aug 20, 2013 4:50:42 PM

  12. Littlekiwi see look at that! Two adult men discussing a topic on which they slightly disagree without name calling and anger. Take note trolls : ) That said, I usually agree with your opinions and I am still laughing at your crack about "gays hating liberals is like Anne Frank hating attics" or something to that affect... I appreciate passionate debate on civilized and witty terms!

    Posted by: cdubois | Aug 20, 2013 5:00:27 PM

  13. Very funny hearing comments from pathetic closet cases ?Where's your wife?

    Posted by: Kelly | Aug 20, 2013 5:12:38 PM

  14. Cute video . . . no idea who these people are.

    Posted by: Alan | Aug 20, 2013 5:26:35 PM

  15. An invented minority.

    Posted by: Justice Scalia | Aug 20, 2013 5:26:38 PM

  16. An invented minority.

    Posted by: Justice Scalia | Aug 20, 2013 5:27:54 PM

  17. An invented minority.

    Posted by: Justice Scalia | Aug 20, 2013 5:29:21 PM

  18. F**K YOU, FRANK. THE MAN SHOULD ACT HOWEVER HE ACTS. And homophobic bigots like you need to get OVER IT.

    Posted by: DannyEastVillage | Aug 20, 2013 5:49:38 PM

  19. @Brendt:

    "It's not about being part of the gay guys, it's about not pretending to be one of the straight ones anymore."

    Not pretending to be straight means that you 1) don't pretend to like girls and/or 2) are open about liking other guys. It does not mean that you need to act like a girl or some sort of cartoon version of what you think a girl acts like. If you conduct yourself like that, that is all on you as an individual. Don't invoke sexual orientation as a reason or excuse for your odd decision to adopt as your personality the pantomime of a girl.

    I think it would be empowering if you sat down in a quiet moment and really thought about why you think that being gay entails acting like a girl or like a female cartoon character. Although some folks try to play this up as some sort of liberated, progressive perspective, it really reflects some deep-seated stereotypes about homosexuality and some internalized beliefs about your status as a man.

    Posted by: KidJ/NYU | Aug 20, 2013 6:46:49 PM

  20. Of course, it was obvious he was gay for a long time, and his fans pretty much all assumed he was gay. But that's neither here not there, because if he's more fem, there's nothing wrong with that whatsoever. He's happy, he's comfortable in his own skin, and he's come out officially. His fanbase accepts him. That's all great news and we should applaud Lucas on his honesty.

    Posted by: Francis #1 | Aug 20, 2013 6:59:04 PM

  21. @CDubois:

    While I agree with you that the quality of discussion on this blog could be greatly improved, I don't think it is particularly consistent for you to then call everyone who disagrees with LittleKiwi "trolls." That's the very name-calling that you claim to dislike. If they are posting on-topic, sincerely believe what they are posting, and are not using profanity, then they aren't trolls.

    It is also worth noting that, whatever you might think about these other posters (and I don't think much of them), none has ever, to my knowledge, called for anyone to commit suicide. LittleKiwi has done that many times and in graphic detail. In light of the suicide of so many gay youth, that is a particularly vile and malicious thing to post and really crosses a line.

    Posted by: KidJ/NYU | Aug 20, 2013 7:09:20 PM

  22. James, he gets an article because not all of his fans can tell he is gay by his actions. The kids that watch his videos are not always able to tell, but by his stating it explicitly, it might help to open minds just a little bit more.

    Posted by: Jeff | Aug 20, 2013 7:20:42 PM

  23. Another delusional queen....

    Posted by: Alan Brickman | Aug 20, 2013 7:23:53 PM

  24. Kidj you're right, but i was using it more as a description for thier actions as opposed to the person themselves. Also, I thought in internet terms troll meant, trolling for reaction, rather than a mythical being living under a bridge. Like trolling a park or trolling dark alleys. Am I mistaken in that? Maybe it means both... please correct me if im wrong

    Posted by: cdubois | Aug 20, 2013 7:29:23 PM

  25. KIDJ/NYU

    Very good points all around.

    Posted by: Brian in Texas | Aug 20, 2013 7:31:33 PM

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